Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt Softener

Pelican Whole House Filter & Salt Softener

1-3 Bathrooms
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Limited Lifetime
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$2,625.00 $2,310.00*

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4-6 Bathrooms
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Limited Lifetime
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$3,198.00 $2,814.24*

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The Pelican PAC3 & PAC6 systems offer you a combo that includes Pelicans Whole House Water Filter and Advantage Series Salt Softener. The low-maintenance Pelican Carbon Series is the ultimate home water filtration system. Nowhere will you find a whole house water filter that is more affordable, longer-lasting and easier to install that addresses as many chemicals as the Pelican Carbon Series.

This deluxe, high-capacity, virtually maintenance-free Carbon Series whole house water filter system and Advantage Series salt softener is easily installed in any home. Only the top rated valves and tanks are used in manufacturing each Pelican system. Imagine softer spring like water through every faucet in your home. Drink, bathe and shower in sparkling clean water. No more dry itchy skin or unpleasant odors from the chemicals in your water.

System Includes: back to top

Salt Water Combo SeriesPelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter
The first tank is the Carbon Series premium whole house water filtration system. This premium system is designed/developed to significantly reduce chlorine, chloramines, sediment and/or particulate matter, tastes, and odors that may be present in your water. This deluxe, high-capacity, virtually maintenance-free system is easily installed in any home and has a 600,000.1,000,000 gal/5-year Performance Guarantee, the best value on any whole house water filtration system in America! A 5-micron pre-filter system is also included with each system to filter out dirt or debris from entering the home.

Pelican Advantage Series Softener
Tank two (seen with the electronic head) is the Pelican line of water softeners designed with the highest quality materials on the market today. Pelican Water Softeners utilizes the top of the line electronic heads along with features that save you time and money. Quality costs more to make, we would rather build quality than apologize for its absence. Pelican Water Technologies is a leader in advanced water treatment and is dedicated to the future of water treatment methods and ways to improve water for the end user.

Pelican Whole House Filter and Salt Free Softener

What is this?
All Pelican Carbon Series Premium Whole House Water Filters come with a 5 micron pre-filter system that helps protect your new filter system and your home appliances from the damaging effects of sediment (dirt & debris) build up. The sediment in city or well water can clog faucets, damage appliances and even change the taste of your drinking water. The pre-filter system filters down to 20 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair or 5 microns in size. Learn More.

Benefits of a whole house filter and softener back to top

Benefits of the Softener:

  • Large tank size
  • High capacity resin
  • Easy-to-program metered electronic head
  • Standard bypass included
  • Chrome tank jacket standard

Benefits of the whole house filter:

  • Softer skin and hair
  • Shower and bathe in spring-like water
  • Great tasting coffee and tea
  • Better than bottled water from every tap
  • Does not waste water
  • Requires NO electricity
  • Easy installation (inside or outside)
  • No drain required
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 5 year performance guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty on tanks and parts

Savings back to top

How much are you spending on bottled water?
Installing a whole house filter is not just about having better tasting water and softer hair and skin. It is also about saving money and time. Many people currently go out and buy bottled water thinking its cleaner and better for you then tap water. The truth that has recently come to light is the fact that 24% of bottled water is nothing more then filtered tap water. Some even contain sodium in them from using a salt-based water softener to "filter" the bottled water. Adding a whole house water filtration system from Pelican Water Technologies will save you thousands of dollars over the years. For as little as .09 cents a day you can have better tasting, filtered water from every tap in your house. No more plastic water bottles in our land fills and no more flushing your money down the toilet!

To give you an idea of savings, if you spent just $2.00 per day on bottled water over 10 years you would spend $7,300 dollars. If you purchased a Pelican Combo Series Premium Whole House Filter & Salt Free Water Softener/Conditioner and bottled your own you would save approximately $5,300 dollars. Now that's saving you money! Not to mention the fact that you will have better than bottled water quality through out every tap in your home.

Damaging effects of chlorine in your water back to top

Drinking chlorinated water
The main function of carbon filters is to remove the bad taste and smell from the drinking water. Carbon filters do not require a lot of maintenance, and with proper sediment filter changes and media changes, can provide the best tasting water. With improved taste, the filters also remove odor providing you with fresh tasting drinking water. They provide an excellent value for your money and definitely a better choice then bottled water.

Cooking with chlorinated water
If you've ever cooked pasta in filtered water or made coffee or tea using filtered water you can definitely tell the difference. Chlorine is a chemical that is adsorbed into your foods and make your sauces and hot drinks taste foul. All of the top restaurants, chefs and even coffee houses use filtered water now so they can produce a quality product every time.

Showering with chlorinated water
Just like swimming in a chlorinated pool, showering in chlorinated water affects your skin and hair. Over time the chlorine will dry out your hair, requiring the use of conditioners for your hair and for those with chemically treated hair (colored) you may also bleach out your color. Your skin is an organ whose pores soak up chlorine when showering and vapors from steam. Because your skin does this, it can leave your skin itchy and uncomfortable.

Accolades back to top

Martha Stewart Body + Soul Magazine Featured Product - May 2010
Martha Stewart and Body + Soul Magazine are world renowned experts on healthy living. This is why we were not surprised that they featured the Pelican PC600 Whole House Water Filter as their recommended product.

Featured in Go Green Home
Pelican was asked to be a part of this Green Home, featuring our Pelican Combo Series for their water filtration and softening needs. The Go Green Home is a 4,300 square foot living laboratory of green design, materials and innovation. They are "deconstructing" an existing single-family home -- taking it apart board by board, nail by nail. Usable building products are donated and recycled, diverting material from the landfills. We're studying the sun, the winds and the neighborhood, and they are incorporating everything into the design and build of their new home. Plus they are greening it all -- from solar roof panels to recycled content countertops in the cutting edge cook's kitchen. They will take you with them, step by step, updating frequently with journal entries and photos of their progress.

How does it work? back to top

Pelican Carbon Series System - Carbon Adsorption Filtration
The Pelican Carbon Series Premium Whole House Water Filter utilizes the highest grade carbons available on the market which were designed/developed to significantly reduce chlorine, chloramines, sediment and/or particulate matter, tastes, odors and hundreds of potential chemicals that may be present in the water supply entering your home. View more WQA and EPA recommended uses for granular activated carbon.

The Pelican Carbon Series uses a granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell by a high temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, high pore volume and chemical stability.

In addition the Pelican Carbon Series utilizes Non-chemically impregnated activated carbon. It has been surface modified during manufacturing, to significantly enhance the carbons' capabilities for rapidly decomposing noxious compounds. The carbon media used also has a much higher surface area than most other competitive brands on the market. This enables them to reduce larger quantities of other organic species which may be present in your water. Learn More

Upflow versus Downflow
The Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter Systems are specially designed as an Up-Flow System that does not require any special process or instructions for replacing the media. Other Down-Flow Systems on the market do not allow for the media replacement as an option because the homeowner would have to have special knowledge or tools to complete the task. Many water filtration experts agree that down-flow systems often have channeling issues in the media making them less effective in filtering out chemicals in the water because the water is unable to reach the unexpired media.

Channeling is the process where small tunnels form in the media allowing water to flow in the same channel every time. Water always takes the path of least resistance. The Pelican Systems force the water in an Up-Flow direction up from the bottom of the tank in a swirling motion causing the carbon media to swirl. This motion allows the water to have maximum contact with the carbon media resulting in a very effective filtration process without the possibility of channeling. This is found to be the most effective design in whole house water filtration systems.

Advantage Series - Salt Water Softener
The Pelican Advantage Series Salt Softener is based on ion exchange. The media bed inside the tank uses resin beads charged to attract ions that are positively charged. When the water passes through the tank, hardness attaches to the resin, bumping off sodium ions into the water. As needed, the system will backwash using a brine solution from you brine tank that is a mixture of water and dissolved salt. Our systems use metered electronic heads which help reduce waste and keep your backwashing to a minimum by doing it only when needed. During the backwash, the salt laced brine will clean off the hardness from the resin and flush it down the drain and recharge the resin media with sodium for use again to remove hardness.

Green Water Filtration Technology back to top

Replacement Media Vs. Replacement Tank
It is important to understand how the carbon media inside the Pelican Carbon Series Systems works; Adsorption: the process by which matter (chemicals) adheres to the surface areas of a solid adsorbent material (carbon media). In layman's terms the chemicals in your water are adsorbed into the carbon media on contact. The carbon media does not release any chemicals back into your water once they are adsorbed. We offer the replacement media as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly approach. When it comes time to replace the media, you are not throwing away a tank, fittings, or having to try and dispose of a complete system. Not to mention the cost of hiring a plumber to remove the old tank and install the new one.

Some companies are trying to discourage this process and use tactics to scare the consumer in to thinking that they must buy a completely new system when the media expires; this is unnecessary and not very cost effective. The media is the fuel for the system (it.s like the gas in your car). If you had to replace your car every time you ran out of gas that would be crazy, the same goes for the filtration system. The tanks and fittings are designed for this specific application. The cost of the system does not only include the media inside the tank, it includes many factors: the tank, fittings, media, and labor to build, shipping, advertising, and overhead. The media inside the tank is only part of the cost of a complete system therefore you can not rate the effectiveness of the media based on the low cost to replace it.

Recommendations back to top

If you have Multi-Headed Body Sprayers in your shower you may need a high flow system to accommodate the high volume of water needed to operate the shower system. Since the flow rate on each type of system can vary, please contact sales at 1-877-842-1635 or email us to ensure the proper system is sized for your needs

If you get red or orange staining (rust color) from your water, you may be interested in our Pelican WF6 Complete Water System to help soften your water and solve your staining issues with no salt!
If you are on a well and have a rotten egg smell, you will want to look at our Chlorine Injection Systems for Sulfur.

PRO-RO 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis
Are you buying a salt-based softener? Please consider adding an RO.

If you are interested in buying a salt-based water softener, you might consider adding the Pelican 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System to your order. This system removes the sodium from your water and filters additional items, it also adds the beneficial minerals back into your water which is essential for drinking and cooking. Learn more

Disclaimer: The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. No medical claims are being made or implied.

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Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Nov 15,2015
Very pleased!

I've been using the Pelican Shower Filter for about a week now, and I can clearly see, feel and smell the difference. My skin and hair is softer, feels much less dry. Great pressure from the shower head when I use very gentle running water for the shower!!! I was so surprised! Also, you can easily switch it between 2 and 2.5 gallons per minute, so you have even more control over how much water you use! I installed it easily. Happy as can be, as the water in my apartment comes from a lake near a nuclear power center, and this filter actually makes a difference. I've tried others but none were this noticeable of a difference.

- Lynda
Ontario, Canada
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 17,2015
easy, fast and great price

i had great experience and very pleasent costumer service

- Veronica Bland
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 15,2015

Purchased Jan. 2011. The water in our town is hyperchlorinated. This system produces the most wonderful water for drinking, bathing and household use. Our friends are surprised when they drink it. Reordering supplies is simple and delivery is fast. The simple instructions make the system easy to maintain.

- Pamela Wunderlich
Hamilton, Al
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 10,2015
Great Water Texture

Water texture is awesome using Pelican Softeners for Well Water... Recommend you use flex piping vs PVC... You can save up to an hour installing the system especially in tight spaces.

- Vince
Edmond OKC
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Oct 08,2015
Whole house system

Discussing water test and determining which system needed went very smooth , purchase was simple and delivery timely . Installation was straight forward . System works as detailed . Total experience was very good . Thank you Jim

- Edward James Radin
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 30,2015

I love my Pelican Combo Series! In the five years that I've had my water system , I have never tasted or smelled chlorine in my water. My skin is soft and never dry or itchy. I would recommend this water system to anyone wanting to improve their water!

- Simone Borges
Boca Raton Florida
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 29,2015
Best Water in TOWN

We have very poor quality of water in our part of Ohio. After having several National Brand name water firms test the water and give quotes I started studying how to improve our water. PELICAN was and is the answer. The most cost affective,easy to maintain system available. It was very easy to install. If you need to have a plumber do the install it should not be too costly. My neighbors cost fill the water jugs at my house. Our appliances work better, clothes cleaner, bathing is better and the taste is better then bottled H2O... IF YOU WANT THE BEST IT PELICAN !

- Bill Deal
Canfield, Ohio
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 29,2015
The Works

We needed the works, Sulfur removal system, Sediment filter, Carbon filter, and Salt-Free softener; we purchased the UV Disinfectant sytem too. We have great clean fresh water at our house and the barn. We are quite happy with the system and we are sure our water is safe to drink.

- Donald Smith
Anacortes, Washington
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 28,2015
Excellent Product and Service

I have called Pelican a couple of times and always get a representative who has knowledge about products, services, and processes. Always a great experience. Also, the product is the best out there! My extended family has the PC 600 and PC 1000 and I just referred a friend who purchased one a couple of weeks ago. Keep up the great work!

- Robert Ciarelli
Port Orchard, WA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 22,2015
Clean Water

Love,Love this whole house water system.Clean water everywhere shower,drinking,cooking.We are in an area that is rebuilding from the Super Storm Sandy already change the filter 2x in a short time it was so dirty both times due to storm and rebuilding in the area this filter system is a must have,I feel sorry for the people in my area drinking dirty water and they don't even know it.This company has amazing service. I would highly recommend them!!!

- Tracy McEachern
Breezy Point
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 21,2015
Excellent Product

I purchased the carbon filter and water softener combo for my new home in May of 2015. It's been a great investment. The water is clean and softer and I've had no loss of water pressure at all. I started shopping these systems back in late 2014 and had numerous discussions with Matt who kept in touch and didn't pressure me at all. Once I closed on my house, I bought it and had a local plumber install it. I am very pleased with it and would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you very much Matt!!!

- Jim
Tomball, Tx
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 15,2015
Great Purchase

I purchased the Pelican Shower Filter on line and in a few short days I received it. The installation was very simple and took about 5 minutes or less to install. Both my wife and I noticed a difference after the first shower. My wife commented that her hair was softer and I noticed that my skin felt and looked better.

- Michael Kelly
Cape Coral, Florida
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 13,2015
Media replacement assistance

I was in the process of replacing my carbon media on a Sunday. And I noticed that the paper instructions that were included did not correspond with the verbiage and the figure #5. So I called customer service on Sunday and they were available. The agent that I talked to was extremely nice, professional and very helpful. So far, so good... A suggestion would be to have a You tube video available on their website for future instructions.

- John Koziol
Collegeville, PA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 10,2015
Online Chat - Customer Service

Pelican has a great staff working their online chat. Jeff K. assisted me in making the right filter purchase for my NS3.

- Manny
Ontario, CA
Verified Reviews By Pelican Water
Sep 09,2015
Outstanding Service!

I originally inquired by phone and got professional service in helping me order the exact filters I needed/wanted. After placing the order for the filters (4). they came in short order. I installed the new filtering system and they work like a charm. I'm glad to find a company that represents a true product and a product that does what it is supposed to do. I highly this company and the products they sell

- Edwin D. Rogers
Moncks Corner, SC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Pelican Combo Series pre-filter system remove COPEPODS from the water?
Yes. Since COPEPODES range from 30 microns to 50 microns in size, the supplied 5-micron pre-filter will remove the COPEPODS. This method of COPEPODS filtration is approved based on the article found at http:/www.oukosher.org.

Q. How easy is it to install the Pelican Combo Series Premium Whole House Water System?
The Pelican combo will be shipped pre-assembled (the tank comes pre-loaded) and Ready-To-Install which greatly simplifies the installation process and also reduces installation cost and time. Detailed installation instructions and supplied fittings make it easy to understand and install the filter system. Also, you or your plumber may contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians for further assistance during the installation if necessary. 1-877-842-1635

Q. What is the blue housing installed before the system for?
Every system Pelican offers comes with a 10" 5 micron sediment filter system. This sediment filter is used to keep sand and sediment away from your system and your home. You will change the filter every 6-9 months, depending on sediment levels. The pre-filter will let you know its time to change it when you notice a slight drop in water pressure meaning the filter is full.

Q. If I am on a sodium-restricted diet or suffer from hypertension is there a substitute for salt that I can add to the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners?
Yes, You can use potassium chloride instead of salt. The benefit is that you will be adding potassium to your water instead of sodium. Potassium chloride is a more expensive alternative but well worth the cost when weighing the benefits.

Q. Why should I choose the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softener over the others on the market?
The Pelican line of water softeners is designed with the highest quality materials on the market today. Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners utilizes the top of the line electronic heads along with features that save you time and money. Quality costs more to make, we would rather build quality than apologize for its absence. Pelican Water Technologies is a leader is advanced water treatment and is dedicated to the future of water treatment methods and ways to improve water for the end user.

Q. Can the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners be installed outdoors?
The Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners should be protected against the weather. The electronic head should be shielded from water; a weatherproof cover is available for most models.

Q. How long does the resin last in the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners?
The resin life depends on a few factors, amount of chlorine, quality of resin, and number of regenerations. The average life of resin should be 7-15 years. If the chlorine is removed from the water preventing it from reaching the resin with a carbon pre-filter such as the Pelican PC600 or PC1000 then the resin could last up to 25 years.

Q. What type of salt should I use in the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners?
It is recommended that coarse salt be used, which most grocery stores carry in bulk. Block salt should never be used.

Q. Will I notice a pressure loss after installing a Pelican Advantage Series Water Softener?
With all brands of water softeners there will be a pressure drop. The Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners are of the highest quality available on the market therefore the pressure drop will be very low compared to most other brands.

Q. Can the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners drain line be drained into my septic system and what type of affect will it have on the drain field?
According to the Water Quality Association Technical Papers concerning septic tanks, etc: Concerns about salt and soil absorption rates were dispelled. The increased sodium content in the tanks discharge was shown to have no detrimental effect on the soil's ability to absorb water in a normal drain field. Interestingly, certain soil conditions benefited from it. Additionally, when the softener's calcium-rich regeneration backwash emptied into the septic system, the discharge could actually improve the soils percolation the conclusion drawn from these tests is that the softened water is not harmful to a normally operating septic system or drain field.

Q. Can the drain line be located above the softener?
As long as the water pressure at the softener is not less than 40 PSI and the run of the drain line does not exceed 15', your discharge line may be elevated up to 4' above the system. For each additional 10 PSI of water supply the line can be elevated an additional 2'.

Q. Is softened water recommended for use on my plants or lawn?
If you are using sodium chloride to regenerate you resin, overtime, softened water could be harmful to your plants and other vegetation. It is recommended that the outside faucets be bypassed from the softener.

Q. How much salt will I have to add to the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softener?
A typical home with a family of 4 with 2.5 bathrooms and a hardness of 10 will require a 32,000 grains softener that will regenerate every 11 days. The softener uses about 9 lbs of salt per regeneration, so if your brine tank is full (400lbs) from the start, you will not add salt for about 10 months.

Q. Do I need to know what size my plumbing fittings are before I order the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softener?
No, the Pelican Advantage Series Water Softener System comes complete with 3/4" and 1" copper and CPVC plumbing fittings and also a 50' drain line for your convenience.


Installation Diagrams and Guides

Diagrams / Owners Manual back to top
Owner's Manual for Pelican PC600/PC1000 (link opens in new window)
Owner's Manual for Pelican PS48/PS80 (link opens in new window)

Specs and Product Information back to top

PS48 (included in PAC3)
Tank Height:
Tank Width:
Flow Rate:
12 GPM
Connection Size:
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:
36-120 F
pH Range:
Grain Capacity: 48,000
18" by 33" Round Brine Tank

PS80 (included in PAC6)
Tank Height:
Tank Width:
Flow Rate:
18 GPM
Connection Size:
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:
36-120 F
pH Range:
Grain Capacity: 80,000
18" by 33" Round Brine Tank
PC 600 (included in PAC3)
System Height:
Tank Width:
Max Flow Rate:
10 GPM
Connection Size:
¾" and 1"
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:
36-120 F
Min. Floor Space:
8 ¾" x 17 ½"
PC 1000 (included in PAC6)
System Height:
Tank Width:
Max Flow Rate:
15 GPM
Connection Size:
¾" and 1"
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:
36-120 F
Min. Floor Space:
10 ½" x 21"

System Includes back to top
  • Pelican Advantage Series system
  • Brine tank with float and drain line
  • Sediment pre-filter system with mounting hardware
  • Pelican Carbon Series filter preloaded ready to install
  • Installation guide

Manufacturer's Warranty Information back to top

Electronic Head:
Manufacturer's 7 year warranty against defects on Solid-State Electronic Head.

Pelican Limited Lifetime Warranty on all filter housings, tanks, in/out heads, and the bypass valves against manufacturer's defects.

Pelican Water (“Pelican”) warrants to the end user (“customer”) that its tanks, valves, in/out heads, bypass’s, fittings and housings (“Covered Items”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the life of the system. No warranty is made with respect to defects or damaged due to neglect, misuse, alterations, accident, misapplication, physical damage, or damaged caused by fire, acts of God, or freezing.

Pelican Performance Guarantee back to top

The Pelican Carbon Series is guaranteed to reduce chlorine, and chloramines to non-detectable levels for 5 years or 600,000 (PC600)/ 1,000,000 (PC1000) gallons or Pelican will send replacement carbon media to the customer at no charge. That’s our promise. That’s why people choose Pelican.