How much will a Salt-Free Water Softener save your Family?

in initial savings

Let's Look at the Big Picture

Total Cost Of Ownership Over The Lifespan Of The Unit

Annual Operating Cost
Salt Based Cost
of Ownership
Salt-Free Cost
of Ownership
Salt Based Softeners Cost

$716 Annually

Salt -Free Softeners Cost

$29.99 Annually

Annual Gallons Wasted
Salt Based Ownership
Salt-Free Ownership
Salt Based Softeners Waste

7,800 Gallons

Salt-Free Softeners Waste

ZERO Gallons


Average lifetime savings by opting for salt-free over salt-based softener, accounting for operating costs, salt replacement, and electricity.

Salt-Free Softener

1-3 Bathrooms
4-6 Bathrooms:
4-Pack filters w/O-rings:
8-Pack filters w/O-rings:
RO Operating Cost:
DIY Installation Cost:

Sediment Pre-Filter average lifespan is dependent on your local water quality and other factors. Typical lifespan is 6-9 months

  • Initial Setup
  • $29.95 Annual Usage Cost

Salt Based Softener

1-3 Bathrooms
4-6 Bathrooms:
RO System:
RO Operating Cost:
Yearly Operating Cost:
Installation Cost:

Based on 80-100 gallons of water wasted weekly, total electricity usage, and monthly salt purchases

  • Initial Setup & Usage
  • $716 Annual Usage Cost
In Annual Operating Cost Savings!

Lifespan of each system?

10-15 Years

Lifespan depends on water hardness, annual use, and other factors. A salt-based softener requires maintenance on the electronic meter head every 2-3 years. With a lifetime warranty, all Pelican water softener tanks and parts are guaranteed.

How long do filter/O-rings last?

6-9 Months

The sediment pre-filter system removes tiny particulates in water that can clog appliances and plumbing. Routine replacement of the filter maximizes the system's effectiveness. Only one filter is required at a time, so an 8-pack of filters could last up to 6 years.

Our Premium NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softeners pay for themselves in just under 12 months.