Premium Whole House Water Filter System

1-3 Bathrooms

Pelican Model PC600
Capacity 600,000 Gallons
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Suggested Retail Price $1,712.00
SALE PRICE $856.00 $753.28*

Item in-stock.

4-6 Bathrooms

Pelican Model PC1000
Capacity 1,000,000 Gallons
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Suggested Retail Price $2,356.00
SALE PRICE $1,178.00 $1,036.64

Item in-stock.

Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter System is a low-maintenance, easy to install system. It is the ultimate whole house water filtration system - no other system with a limited lifetime warranty addresses as many chemicals as this Pelican Water product! Highlights of using this product include:

  • Certified Performance - Removes 97% Chlorine up to 1.301mil Gallons
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Great tasting coffee and tea
  • Better than bottled water from EVERY tap in your home
  • Bacterial Static Media - inhibits bacterial growth
  • Does NOT waste water
  • Requires NO electricity
  • Easy installation (inside or outside)
  • No drain required
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 5 year performance guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on tank and parts

Water is not always as pure as it appears. Multiple contaminants can travel into your home and your body in a glass of supposedly clean tap water. Chlorine, chloramine, and other water purification byproducts are common contaminants.

Pelican Water's Premium Whole House Water Filter helps remove such threats. Our deluxe, high-capacity filtration system is virtually maintenance-free, and easily installed in any home. With the ability to filter 600,000 to 1,000,000 gallons over water over five years, the Premium water filtration system offers the best value of any whole house water filtering system in the U.S.A.

Pelican Waters Premium Whole House Water Filter is a deluxe, high-capacity, virtually maintenance-free system that is easily installed in any home. It has a 600,000-1,000,000-gallon, 5-year capacity, which is the best value on any whole house water filter system in America!

Reasons to Choose Pelican Water
Why choose the Premium Whole House Water Filter over other home water filtration systems? Quality, convenience, and cost. The system's large diameter tank holds a high level of carbon media, increasing the filter's performance and lifespan, while the replacement cost is a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Ease of maintenance is built right into our home water filtration system. While water filtration systems require the replacement of the entire tank when the time comes to replace the system's filter, all you need to do with a Pelican Water filtration system is replace the media, with no need to call (and pay for) a plumber.

"People who like softer skin and hair, choose Pelican!"
Are You Drinking Chlorine?

Better than bottled water from every tap

Wrapped in premium stainless steel

Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener
Upgrade to a spa-like experience with our combo system!
If you are interested in salt-free water softening/conditioning along with whole house filtration
you may want to consider the Pelican Premium Filter & Softener Combo Series. Learn more

System Includes back to top

Prefilter / Mounting Bracket
More Info
Carbon Series System
More Info
Bypass Valve / Fittings
More Info
Owner's Manual
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Money Back Guarantee Best Warranty

"Installation was easy. Pelican provided me with everything I needed to get the job done!"

Damaging effects of chlorine in your water back to top

Are you drinking chlorinated water?
Chlorine is a disinfectant used to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoans often found in the sources of drinking water. While highly effective as a disinfectant, chlorine is technically a poison. Tap water may also contain chloramine, a chemical related to both chlorine and ammonia. The carbon media in a home water filtration system removes both chlorine and chloramine from your water supply.

Chlorinated water vs. filtered water
The main function of carbon filters is to remove the bad taste and smell from the drinking water. Carbon filters do not require a lot of maintenance, and with proper sediment filter changes and media changes, can provide the best tasting water. With improved taste, the filters also remove odor providing you with fresh tasting drinking water. They provide an excellent value for your money and definitely a better choice then bottled water.

Chlorine gives water a foul taste that is transmitted to coffee, tea, and any food prepared using water. Once you compare the taste of a hot drink made with filtered water to unfiltered, you realize just how much chlorinated water affects your enjoyment of food and drink. The difference is so striking high-end restaurants, chefs, and coffee houses use filtered water to provide the best possible taste for their products.

Cooking with chlorinated water
If you've ever cooked pasta in filtered water or made coffee or tea using filtered water you can definitely tell the difference. Chlorine is a chemical that is adsorbed into your foods and make your sauces and hot drinks taste foul. All of the top restaurants, chefs and even coffee houses use filtered water now so they can produce a quality product every time.

Showering with chlorinated water
Swimming in chlorinated pools can leave your hair limp and your skin dry and itchy thanks to the high amount of chlorine used to disinfect the water. Over time, chlorine in shower water produces the same effect.

Chlorine strips hair of the natural oils it needs for shine and body, leaving hair lifeless and brittle. You may find yourself using more conditioner to combat the effects of chlorine or notice that color treatments fade faster (chlorine is, after all, a type of bleach).

Chlorine damages your skin as well. A shower.s heat and steam encourages skin pores to open up. Chlorine then enters the skin through the pores, resulting in itch, dry skin or even allergic rashes.

Pelican Water's home water filtration system removes chlorine from tap water before it reaches your shower, freeing you from the damaging effects of chlorine.

If you need to eliminate the negative effects of hard water minerals while filtering your water of chlorine and other chemicals, then the low maintenance Pelican Combo home water filtration system and salt-free water softener is your answer.

Award Winning Products and Services back to top

Our goal is to create excellent products and combine them with great, knowledgeable customer service. Find out what our satisfied customers have to say by reading our customer reviews. Click here!

"We bought our filter in February 2012. It was easy to install and has worked flawlessly. Now, our water tastes great right from the tap and there is no more scale buildup in our shower! One unexpected benefit is that my wife, who has suffered from almost daily migraines for over twenty years, now has very few headaches; they stopped within a few days of installation. Pelican has been a miracle for us! Thank you!"

David L. - Peoria, AZ

"We are delighted with our Pelican water system. My skin feels smoother, my teeth are whiter, the clothes and dishes are cleaner, and we can have a drink of pure water from any faucet in the house. The set up went smoothly too. The carbon dust didn't really accumulate in the toilets after the first night. I didn't clean the tanks until about a month later as there wasn't any problem. For us, it is part of our living a healthier lifestyle."

Bette - Clarendon Hills

"My parents water was so awful. It had a bad smell as well as taste, but with this filter system they can now drink and cook with their own tap water. Thank you Pelican Water Systems."

Becky T. - Dillwyn, VA

Accolades back to top

Newport Green Home Whole House Water Filter

Pelican Water Systems is proud to be a Platinum sponsor for the Newport Green Home, located in Orange County.s prestigious Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach, CA. A custom single-family residence of approximately 4,211 square feet, the Newport Green Home is a LEED® for Homes registered project aiming for Platinum certification. Homeowners Wayne and Shannon chose the Pelican Water Systems Premium home water filtration system as the perfect match for their .Go Green. initiative.

Pelican Water & Organic Spa Magazine Whole House Water Filter

Organic Spa Magazine published leading edge content on health and wellness, natural beauty and skincare, eco-fashion, green design, travel, artisanal food and drink and much more. This month Pelican Water is proud to grace the magazine.s pages with an ad for out Whole Home Water Filtration and Salt-Free Water Softener combo system. We feel Organic Spa Magazine and Pelican Water Systems make a natural fit and look forward to a long and healthy partnership.

Healthy Mom & Baby Features Pelican Water.s Combo System Whole House Water Filter

It's increasingly difficult to protect children from the chemicals and additives used to disinfect drinking water. Recognizing this, Healthy Mom & Baby magazine chose Pelican Water's Premium Home Filtration System as one of their parent-preferred baby items. We're proud to help protect the next generation!

Request a Brochure back to top

Please click here if you would like to receive a brochure and dvd containing information about this product.

For your convenience, the videos on this DVD are also available online. If you would like immediate information on the benefits of installing a premium Pelican System, please watch these videos online.

Water Filter Videos

Recommendations back to top

If you have Multi-Headed Body Sprayers in your shower you may need a high flow system to accommodate the high volume of water needed to operate the shower system. Since the flow rate on each type of system can vary, please contact sales at 1-877-842-1635 or email us to ensure the proper system is sized for your needs

Water Filter and Salt-Free Water Softener
Upgrade to a spa-like experience with our combo system!
If you are interested in salt-free water softening/conditioning along with whole house filtration
you may want to consider the Pelican Premium Filter & Softener Combo Series. Learn more

If you have a tankless hot water heater we recommend a 10 Micron Hot Water Post-Filter System to be installed just after the water heater.
If you get red or orange staining (rust color) from your water, you may be interested in our Pelican WF6 Complete Water System to help soften your water and solve your staining issues with no salt!
If you are on a well and have a rotten egg smell, you will want to look at our Chlorine Injection Systems for Sulfur.

Disclaimer: The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. No medical claims are being made or implied.

Pelican PC600 Whole House Water Filter is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 90.
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great Features. I'm happy with this product and it was easy to install with the installation kit I purchased. Patrick, the customer service person I talked to was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I also talked to Mike, a technician about the install and he was also very helpful. The PC600 does just what they said it would, my hair, scalp and skin is no longer scaly and itchy. I saw a difference right away.
Date published: 2018-07-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Well made system. Looks good, works good, and has a good hook up system to plumb it in to the house's water distribution. I had no problems, I self installed the system, but you must read the instructions to prepare the filter system for installation. Pre-soaking the carbon filter media more than 48 ours will also result with less carbon being released on the initial usage of the system.
Date published: 2017-04-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Working okay now, after some initial issues Purchased a PC1000 about 5 weeks ago, I had time to begin the carbon soak and flush over the last week and got it finished last weekend. For the soak, I let it sit for about 5 days (Pelican says 2 days but more is okay/better). After the soak, I performed the 30-minute flow at very low flow rate to clear out loose carbon particles. While I was doing this, I could clearly see carbon in the discharge water, then it seemed to clear up. Good so far. Then, I did the backflush at higher pressure. Also good. I hooked it up to my water main using mostly PVC fittings. Since the water was shut off, I had opened a couple of faucets inside my house for the shutoff to bleed off pressure and also to allow the water lines to normalize pressure when the water was turned back on. After I did this with the filter installed in the system, I checked one of the taps and noticed that dark colored water was flowing, full of carbon particles, and that the flow rate seemed low. I shut off both taps and opened one back up, again, grey, carbon-colored water and the flow rate was radically low and was dropping quickly until only a trickle was coming out of the faucet. I went to the filter and turned the two valves on the filter head to "bypass" and checked flow at the faucet again - back to normal. Okay. So I switched the valves back to filter mode and again basically no flow and what came out was rather dark, grey water due to carbon particles. I read through the installation guide and it spoke to problems if high flow occurs within the first 72 hours and if a flow restriction happens to wait 10 min and normal flow would resume. I didn’t think what I was doing would constitute “high flow”, but anyway I waited the 10 minutes, tried again, and had no improvement in either flow rate or clarity. Bad news. So, I detached the filter from the house main, connected a garden hose (fortunately, I had water upstream on the filter area shutoff) and re-ran the 3-minute back wash procedure, then re-ran the 30 minute carbon purge, then again re-ran the back wash; basically, I assumed that carbon particles had clogged whatever internal filter exists inside the tank, and that I needed to clear that problem and also as there was tremendous outflow of carbon I also needed to re-run the carbon rinse and back wash that is only supposed to be done one time. After I did this, connected the garden hose back to the inlet and cranked the water on in the normal flow path to see if decent flow rate was possible. This time, the filter seemed to be working normally as there was a strong stream of water discharging - about what I would expect from the garden hose. Encouraged by this positive result, I reconnected the PC1000 to my house main. With some trepidation, I turned on one faucet then another, and this time there was o noticeable flow restriction and the water seemed clear. Success! There is still some carbon discharging from the filter assy though, after about 24 hours of use (100's of gallons of flow), I ran water from the kitchen tap into a white coffee filter to check for any discharge - and I could see some particles captured by the coffee filter. Not many, but probably 10's of particles after a few gallons of flow. I will check again in a day or so to see if this reduces. Water does taste pretty good right out of the tap (we have a reverse-osmosis filter for drinking normally), but I wanted to see how the taste was through the PC1000 and it tastes about how you would expect from a quality single stage water filter. So its working for sure. I would recommend this product, however if DIY install you need to be prepared to work through surprises like I encountered. Not sure why the initial soak/flush/backwash didn't work completely, but had I not tried a second time it would have been a very disappointing day.
Date published: 2018-10-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Just what I wanted. I wanted a system to eliminate the chlorine and smell that was coming from my municipal water source. We noticed several times per month the oder was stronger than others. The Pelican PC600 was the perfect solution. The oder and chlorine level went away at once. Now when we shower, wash clothes, do dishes and drink the water we are more than pleased. A note of caution is that a plumber or good handyman should install the unit to make sure that everything is operating properly. This insurers many good years usage.
Date published: 2018-08-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing! We absolutely love our home water filter! It was easy to install and it did not impact our water pressure and the taste is absolutely phenomenal! The taste is clear and a noticeable change to everyone, even guests. The only con I can think of is the lingering black specs in the bathtub when the water is out.
Date published: 2018-06-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Removed stinky water! We had experienced a very nasty smell to our water, hot and cold. This went on for about 6 months while we figured out what the problem was. After the filter was installed, the smell was gone within 24 hours and has not returned. Installation should be done by an experienced installer.
Date published: 2018-06-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Unbelievable Performance Bought this to improve my water quality at home at first I was a little skeptical and now I am so glad I bought it, everything they claim is true my skin and hair are so soft and the water is so refreshing and yes way better than bottled water. Installation was not hard at all they have online video on how to install I recommend you buy the installation Kit it makes it so easy. and their customer service/support is world class and unmatched. They will make you feel like a valued customer.
Date published: 2018-06-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from The product is of good quality. I was suspicious of the valve connection system for the cylinder that has compression fittings. They were water tight with little effort.The instructions are average, but they have good phone support.
Date published: 2017-06-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very happy First follow the instructions, let carbon tank soak 48 hrs min, flush, then back flush. Also some good videos on Youtube showing install and 5 yr review. To be extra sure no carbon gets into my toilet tanks, faucets etc, I added a 2nd blue sediment filter as a post filter. My Father-in-law has had this unit in 2 different houses. Between his opinion and my experience it is great. Our water was not terrible but notice a difference. Plus just installed new dishwasher and washing machine. When replaced even with okay water noticed build up and tiny sediment from not having a filter. Def worth your investment. Friends had a different brand unit professionally installed for way more money. I did mine with sharkbite and Pex tubing. Plumbing can be tough but always go with snug connections, then couple 1/4 turns. I only had two minor drips. Avg DIY guy. Again follow instructions with soaking, read some negative reviews on sites but can tell people did not follow instructions. Be patient. As Mike Holmes says, "Do it Right" Even at a super minimum the sediment filter will help. Carbon unit def plus and recommend it
Date published: 2018-07-03
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Not the easiest to install (no fault of the mfr.) Very pleased with the product. My water is noticeably softer. The difficulty in installing this product was due to the location of where it had to be placed.
Date published: 2018-07-24
Rated 3 out of 5 by from difficult install Directions said easy installation,hum.The contractor had to make 3 house calls to install over three days. Apparently missing 2 male fittings for the filter. Had to find a plumbing specialist store to find correct fitting because other home improvement stores did not carry this fitting with correct threading. Nine hours later...FINALLY finished!!.
Date published: 2018-05-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Water Filter We bought a a large Pelican water filter a few weeks ago to remove chlorine and other chemicals from our community supplied water. Our entire house smelled like a pool before installing the PC1000 Whole House water filter. Now we feel it’s safe to drink our water and the house is not over powered with a chlorine odor. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and neighbors who are suffering with similar problems. It doesn’t look bad either because it has a very attractive stainless steel shell. They even sent some wax to maintain the exterior of the tank. We’re very satisfied at this point. We’re saving a lot of money now that we’re not purchasing several cases of water per week for just drinking and lavatory use. It was an easy item to install too, (if you have some prior plumbing experience)
Date published: 2018-10-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great water I bought this water filtration system and UV filter due to having a contaminated well. The well is cleaned, but I wanted double assurance that the water would remain potable. I love the system though I did not realize it would be such a big system. I also did not realize how much plumbing was needed to put it in. The plumbing cost was $1600 alone. Now that all of those issues have been addressed and we are up and running we love it.
Date published: 2018-09-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great System Our customer LOVED the new pelican 600 water filtration system! We removed an old salty water softener and installed the pelican whole home water filtration. They contacted us the next day to let us know how good their water tasted right out of the faucet and that it made heir water softer! Thanks pelican. We’ll be ordering this System for everyone of our customers, now that we know how to set them up!
Date published: 2018-06-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome!! I bought this a month ago and I’m so glad I did. The system is wonderful and I can now take showers and drink the water from my faucet with confidence knowing that all bacteria and everything that is in the water has been taken out. I love my water system. Thank you Pelican for making the system with no salt. It leaves my hair and skin very soft. I would totally recommend this product!
Date published: 2018-07-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from New Filtration System I ordered a new filtration system with two charcoal filters, one fiber filter and an ultraviolet light. I received a drawing which showed how everything had to go together and I took that to a local plumbing shop and picked out all the product I needed. It went together very well and the system works like it is supposed to. We love our system.
Date published: 2018-08-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very good whole house water filter This my second P-600 filter. First one worked very well the 5 years advertised time period. So it was time to replace filter. However instead of buying just a replacement media I decided to buy entire filter. This way I had uninterrupted filtered water supply and no rush for emptying old tank. However next time I will buy media only.
Date published: 2018-06-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from water tastes great I bought this seven years ago in Ohio, moved and installed it to my home in Florida 4 years ago and it works great. Our guests comment on how good our water tastes. A Costco subcontractor selling water filtration systems offered to test our water free without obligation. He was amazed as to how pure the water is. No chlorine.
Date published: 2018-05-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Tasting Water Again Since we moved to South Florida the water we used always had a funny taste, color and smell. Thus we never drank from the tap until we bought our whole house filter system. The water tastes great, clothes look cleaned and the skin feels great after a shower. I highly recommend you getting one of these systems.
Date published: 2018-07-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from 5 year review I guess a good review is one over the long term. Well 5 years later it time to replace the carbon bed and because the 600 is down to soak the carbon I can tell you our city water tastes horrible. The chlorine is really evident even in our coffee. Another day to get 600 back online and I can’t wait!!
Date published: 2018-10-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best customer service When our town started adding chloramine to our water we knew we needed a whole house water treatment system. I did extensive research and decided to go with the Pelican PC 600 unit. Their customer service has been the best I have dealt with in years not to mention our water is so much healthier.
Date published: 2018-10-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Don't no. I have been using pelican pc600 for about 2 weeks. Checking my water with a TDS meter. The meter reads average 268. It says on the meter marginally acceptable. I have check it coming directly from the Pc600. Not sure it takes out all the impurity. It does take out chlorine.
Date published: 2018-05-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from What a difference! Planning out the install was key. I went with all copper. Install labor was expensive. I highly recommend installing a 3 way bypass. The installation kit made it easier. Get an extra hose bib connector, it will make it easier. Water tastes great now and clear! NO REGRETS.
Date published: 2018-06-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Clean, good tasting water in an area where the water is awful and over-treated. Thank you Pelican! It was installed quickly and efficiently. Changing the filters is easy - only two places to turn off, I'm 78 yrs old. That is important to me.
Date published: 2017-08-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Easy to use Installed a few weeks ago and enjoy not having the taste of chlorine in my water and when we shower. Wish they had an option to skip the stainless steel on the outside to have a cheaper version since mine is just in a closet.
Date published: 2018-09-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great savings all around. I enjoy washing with un-soft water. I like not throwing many gallons of water away recharging a system. I like not having extra electric motors running. I like the simple goodness of it all, that's all!
Date published: 2018-06-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Now that it's finally installed, sweet drinking from all water outlets. I didn't properly run water through prior to installation so there was some carbon dust for a short time, then clear water.
Date published: 2016-07-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works well Bought this system to reduce the level of radon in my water. Before I installed it, the level was 9800 pCi/L. After install, had water retested and the level was a safe 1313 pCi/L. VERY PLEASED
Date published: 2018-08-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works great and easy to install The flow rate is extremely good and there is no real pressure drop between inlet and outlet sides of PC1000. The only regret i have was not ordering the stainless steel install package.
Date published: 2018-06-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Quality Very satisfied with this purchase. Instructions for installation were very clear and concise. Be sure and find a suitable location inside the house not the garage or attic.
Date published: 2018-07-21
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How tall is the smaller unit?

Asked by: Bobbie
The unit is 44" tall
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-12-11

I have a small condo with 2 bathrooms and only 2 people living in it is the PC600 good enough for us to have great water for 5years with no maintenance

Asked by: 220kenny
The PC600 will work for homes or condos up to 3 bathrooms in size and filter the water for up to 660,000 gallons before the media needs to be replaced.
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-12-11

I have a PC600 complete system … I have purchased a new refrigerator and it now says change filter which cannot be reset ..Book say it is good for 170 gallons 6 months ,,,,, Filters are $50 bucks … should I ignore .. seems like the PC600 does same thing

Asked by: BOB78
If you have a PC600 installed, the fridge filter is not needed.
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-10-24

Does the pelican water systems solve hard water?

Asked by: Southern girl
This is a water filter for chlorine. To deal with hard water, you need a water softener.
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-10-24

What Are the fittings included on this? And also the plastic pipe is included?

Asked by: Vince
Plumbing pipe is not included. The system will come with 1" threaded fittings.
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-10-24

what is the GPM flow rate please

Asked by: andya
12 GPM
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-09-28

. How often do you have to replace the system? 

Asked by: Kristi
The carbon media should be changed every 5 years and the sedimen every 6 months.
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-10-24

How effective is the PC 600 with softening hard water ? Most of the literature addresses chlorine and sediment removal.

Asked by: Jimmy
Correct the system only addresses chlorine and sediment. For hardness you need a water softener
Answered by: Pelican Water
Date published: 2018-09-28
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Video Page

We invite you to watch the videos below to learn more about your water and how you can benefit from installing a Premium Pelican System in your own home. Pelican Water is the leader in premium whole house water filtration and salt-free systems. In this day and age it now more important than ever to filter your water, protect your pipes and appliances from the negative effects of hard water.

Premium Whole House Water Filters / Softener Combo
Play Video
Is your water Safe?

Learn about the problems we are facing today with our limited drinking water supply. Also learn about the Pelican solution for your family. Learn how chlorine and chloramines are absorbed through your skin and into your foods, including how to remove them from your water. Water is one of our most valuable resources and its time to start treating that way.


Premium Whole House Water Filters / Softener Combo
Play Video
Salt Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis

Learn about the affects of salt-based water softeners and how they work. Also learn about Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and how they work. Many people who have a salt or potassium-based water softener do not realize the damaging effects it can have on our planet and our bodies over a period of time.


Premium Whole House Water Filters / Softener Combo
Play Video
Safeguarding your water

Learn about the benefits and advantages of owning the Pelican Combo Series. The EPA says it is up to you to filter your water in your home. Adding a filter to your home is the first line of defense against harmful chemicals and byproducts. The Pelican Natursoft system offers a green alternative to water softening that will protect your biggest investment: your home, from scale and the damaging effects of hard water.


How It Works - Pelican Premium Carbon Filtration System

Premium 4-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System back to top

Stage 1
5-Micron Pre-filter System - The sediment pre-filter system reduces sand, silt, sediment and debris in the supplied water down to 5 micron (20 times smaller than a human hair) in size. Routine replacement of this 5-micron sediment filter will increase the effectiveness and protect plumbing and appliances from excess sediment. With average use, each filter is effective for approximately 6-9 months.

Stages 2 & 3
Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon Media (GAC) - Pelican utilizes a high-grade mesh blend of catalytic coconut shell based activated carbon in the Pelican Carbon Series Premium Whole House Water Filters. Learn More

These media are designed to filter chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents and hundreds of other contaminants that may be present in your water.

Stage 4
Pelican Media Guard - Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media (KDF-55) - We also include a patented bacteriostatic copper-zinc reduction oxidation media for the purpose of preventing and reducing the potential growth of bacteria and algae.

As a market leader, Pelican Water uses only the top-rated valves and tanks in the manufacturing of each Pelican system, all of which are backed by an industry leading limited lifetime parts warranty.

Reasons to Use the Pelican Carbon Series Premium Whole House Water Filter back to top

There are many reasons why our whole house water filter is right for you. Below are just a few:
  • The large diameter of the tank holds a significant amount of water filtration carbon media, increasing the overall performance and lifespan of the filter.
  • The replacement cost is a fraction of the cost of comparable products from competitors.
  • Replacement is extremely easy. When it comes time to replace the filter, all you have to do is replace the media inside the tank. There is no plumbing required and no need to replace the entire tank, as there is with other whole house systems.
Can you imagine spring like water coming through every faucet of your home? That’s what you’ll have when you use Pelican Water’s Premium Whole House Water Filter System. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and unpleasant odors caused by the chemicals in your water, and hello to sparkling clean water that you’ll enjoy drinking.

Premium Stainless Steel - Lifetime Warranty back to top

The Pelican Premium Water Systems are wrapped in premium stainless steel to ensure long life, durability and unsurpassed quality ... Not to mention they look amazing!

Up-flow versus Downflow Water Filtration Systems back to top

The Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter Systems is an Up-Flow system, allowing you to change the filter media with a minimum of fuss. This doesn.t just save you time.it saves you money. Comparable down-flow home water filtration systems do not allow the consumer to replace filter media, as the homeowner would require special knowledge and tools to complete the task.

Down-flow water filtration systems often makes less effective use of filtration media because they have channeling issues. Channeling occurs because water takes the path of least resistance. Over time, water forms small channels in the media, and the water then flows through the same channels repeatedly. Channeling prevents water from reaching unexpired portions of media. As a result, a down-flow system is less effective at filtering chemicals from the water.

To combat channeling, the Pelican home water filtration system forces water up from the bottom of the tank in a swirling motion. This motion causes the carbon media to swirl as well, allowing the maximum contact between the filtration media and water. The result is a very efficient Up-Flow filtration system that eliminates the possibility of channeling.

Replacement Media Vs. Replacement Tank back to top

Some companies require the periodic replacement of the entire media tank. Not only is this ineffective, it's also unnecessarily expensive. A Pelican carbon water filtration system only requires you to replace the media, not the tank.

Why do we only require media replacement when other companies insist on replacing the whole tank? To understand, you need to know a little about how Pelican's carbon media filters water. A Pelican carbon home water filtration system works through adsorption, the process by which suspended chemicals and contaminants water are absorbed by carbon media on contact. The carbon adsorbs dissolved contaminants without releasing any chemicals back into the water.

Eventually, a water filtration system's carbon reaches a point where it can no longer absorb any more matter and needs to be replaced. Pelican takes a cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to replacing filter media. Instead of replacing the entire tank, you simply remove the old media and insert the new.

Some companies insist on replacing the entire media tank and use scare tactics to convince consumers a new home water filtration system is required with each replacement. Consumers don.t just pay for the cost of the new tank and fittings.they also must pay a plumber to remove the old system and install the new one. From our perspective, that's like paying for a new car every time you run out of gas. It's not cost effective, it's not environmentally friendly, and it's certainly not convenient.

No Water Waste back to top

The Pelican Carbon Series Systems use an up-flow design and do not waste any water while filtering and softening/conditioning the water for your entire home. While other systems use a down-flow design requiring them to backwash once or twice a week wasting 100-300 gallons of water each time they backwash. The fact is that we cannot afford to waste one drop of water. Water is one the most important resources we have on earth.

No Electricity back to top

The Pelican Carbon Series Systems eliminates the need for an electronic head for backwashing because of its up-flow design. No moving parts means less maintenance and no service calls for damaged moving parts that render the system unable to filter your water.

Installation Diagrams and Guides

Diagrams / Owners Manual back to top
Owner's Manual for Pelican PC600/PC1000 (link opens in new window)

Specs and Product Information back to top
Tank Width:
Flow Rate:
8 GPM Service / 12 GPM Peak
Connection Size:
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:
36-120 F
Filter/Media Change:
Sediment Prefilter:
Every 6-9 Months
Tank 1 Media (PC600):
Every 5 years or 650,885 Gal
Tank Width:
Flow Rate:
12 GPM Service / 16 Peak
Connection Size:
Operating Pressure:
25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:
36-120 F
Filter/Media Change:
Sediment Prefilter:
Every 6-9 Months
Tank 1 Media (PC1000):
Every 5 years or 1,301,770 Gal

System Includes back to top
  • Sediment pre-filter system with mounting hardware
  • Pelican Carbon Series filter preloaded ready to install
  • Installation guide

Manufacturer's Warranty Information back to top

Pelican Limited Lifetime Warranty on all filter housings, tanks, in/out heads, and the bypass valves against manufacturer's defects.

Pelican Water (“Pelican”) warrants to the end user (“customer”) that its tanks, valves, in/out heads, bypass’s, fittings and housings (“Covered Items”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the life of the system. No warranty is made with respect to defects or damaged due to neglect, misuse, alterations, accident, misapplication, physical damage, or damaged caused by fire, acts of God, or freezing.

Pelican Performance Guarantee back to top

The Pelican Carbon Series is guaranteed to reduce chlorine, and chloramine below minimum detection levels (MDL) for 5 years or 650,885 (PC600)/ 1,301,770 (PC1000) gallons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filters pre-filter system remove COPEPODS from the water?
Yes. Copepods are tiny crustaceans commonly found in reservoirs and public water sources. The little creatures range in size from 30 to 50 microns, meaning the largest are visible with the naked eye but small enough to move through many water filtration systems. This poses a difficulty if you eat a kosher diet (or if you just find the idea of tiny crustaceans in you water icky). The 5-micron prefilter provided with the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Premium home water filtration system will remove Copepods. This type of water filtration system is approved for removing copepods by OU Kosher, the world's leading kosher certification program.
Q. How easy is it to install the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter?
The Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter will be shipped pre-assembled (the tank comes pre-loaded) and Ready-To-Install which greatly simplifies the installation process and also reduces installation cost and time. Detailed installation instructions and supplied fittings make it easy to understand and install the filter system. Also, you or your plumber may contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians for further assistance during the installation if necessary. 1-877-842-1635

Q. Where should the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter be installed?
The Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Filtration System is a Point-of-Entry (POE) system, or whole-house/whole home system, and is usually installed in your garage, basement, or water heater closet. The system can also be installed outside or buried in the ground in climates where the temperatures do note reach below freezing.

Q. What is the cost to replace the carbon media inside the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 after 5 years of 600,000 gallons?
The cost to replace the media for the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 is currently only $205.00 including free shipping. Replacing the carbon media instead of the tank makes the replacement process simple and very cost effective.

Q. How often should I change the 5-micron sediment pre-filter?
Approximately every 6 to 9 months, depending upon the actual amount of sediment or particulate matter present in your water supply. The pre-filter starts off white in color so it is easy to see when the pre-filter is dirty by looking at the color of it.
Click here to purchase replacement pre-filters.

Q. How will the Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter be shipped to my home?
The filter system will be shipped via Free UPS Ground in the highest quality doubled walled box with side cushions and a custom top piece to protect the top of the filter system. No expense has been spared to ensure your filter arrives in factory fresh condition. These filter systems travel long distances, so we feel it is vital that the packaging be of the utmost quality. All orders will receive tracking numbers so you can track your filter system right to your door.