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Viqua UV Replacement Sleeves

Viqua UVMax systems are a simple to install and operate point-of-use UV disinfection system for your water supply. Popular for most residential applications, RV's, Boats. Available in a range of flow rates from 3-45 GPM. No-tools maintenance and only consumes a max power equal to 2ea 60 watt light bulbs on the E4 and F4 models.

Model # Replacement For UV Model Sleeve Life Sugg. Retail Our Price Quantity/Add to Cart
602731 B, B4 Model Systems 2 Years $80.00 $40.00
602732 C/C4, D/D Plus, D4/D4 Plus 2 Years $100.00 $50.00
602733 E/E Plus, E4/E4 Plus 2 Years $124.00 $62.00
602734 F/F Plus, F4/F4 Plus, Pro15 Series 2 Years $148.00 $74.00
602974 G/G Plus, Pro10 Series 2 Years $134.00 $67.00
602975 H/H Plus, Pro20 Series 2 Years $146.00 $73.00
602976 J/J Plus, K/K Plus, Pro30, Pro50 Series 2 Years $160.00 $80.00