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Premium Shower
Filter with Head

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Filter with Wand

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Filter (No Head)

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Pelican Premium Shower Filter

  • Available in White & Chrome
  • Reduces 96% chlorine agents
  • Dual-flow Showerhead
  • Lasts for up to 15,000 gallons/ 9 months
  • Lasts 50% longer than the competition

Are you showering in chlorine?
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Healthier Hair, Softer Skins

As the leading shower filter in the industry, Pelican Premium Shower Filter reduces 96% of chlorine from water. This new filter system reduces the long-term damaging effects of chlorine such as skin dryness and flakiness, unpleasant odors and brittle hair. Provide your family with clean, filtered water and feel the difference within a matter of days!

Advanced Filter System

The 3-stage filter system not only filters chlorine, but also uses a
unique blend of carbon media to eliminate chloramines that cause
unpleasant odors. Unparalleled by other filters, the filter system
lowers the surface tension of the water by reducing the number of
negative ions. The absence of negative ions in your water supply
makes the water feel softer on your hair and skin, leaving you
with a feeling of having just left a spa.

Economical, Eco-Friendly
and Long-Lasting

Not only does the Pelican Premium Shower Filter offer health benefits, it also lowers the utility bill. The dual-flow system allows you to switch between constant pressure and a water conservation mode, saving you hundreds of dollars on your water and electricity bill. It also comes with an aromatic scent bar, providing for a spa-like experience. The average filter lasts for 9 months, with an easy installation and replacement process, making the filter easy to use, and hassle free!

Benefits of Pelican Premium Shower Filter

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While many people realize the benefits of having their drinking or cooking water filtered, the benefits of showering or bathing with filtered water are not as well known. But there are numerous benefits to using shower filters too because our skin and hair are also subject to the harmful effects of contaminants found in water, such as chlorine and fluoride.

Benefits of Shower Filters
Shower filters offer several benefits, including: How Do Shower Filters Work?

Shower water filters come in a variety of sizes and styles that fit directly onto your showerhead. Once your shower filter is installed, it uses a chemical reaction to remove a huge amount of minerals and potentially harmful chemical impurities in your shower water, including chlorine.

The result? You’re left with more pure shower water that feel and smells great!

Which Shower Filter is Right for You?

There are various types of shower filters that are effective against chlorine and chloramines. From shower filters with a head, with a wand (handheld), or without a head or wand, you won’t have any trouble finding a style that’s most suitable to your preferences.

Using a shower filter is a simple and cost-effective way to make a big difference in reducing chlorine and other chemical exposure in your home. As the leading shower filters in the industry, Pelican Premium Shower Filters are tried and true, making them an extremely smart and easy purchase that you can be 100% confident about.