Pelican Water Sustainability Scholarship

Our scholarship program is no longer available.

We thank everyone for their participation and congratulate our winners.

As the market leader in America's #1 water softener alternative, Pelican Water has previously sought and supported the next generation of leaders and innovators with a college scholarship contest. Our "go green" initiative has led to the development of environmentally-friendly water softening systems that save energy while eliminating harmful salt and chemical discharge. We looked for students who displayed integrity, passion, and a commitment to excellence - the same principles that have guided our business since 1972. We continue to seek to find sustainable solutions to protect our world's most important resource.


Level: Undergraduate or Graduate
Occurs: Bi-annually
Applicants: Must be legal US residents, must be currently enrolled full-time at an accredited university in the US

Applications are now closed



Video Theme: We previously had applicants create a video to support the theme of water conservation. It's one thing to know we should all conserve water - it's another to see firsthand how much water we use on a daily, monthly, or even yearly basis. We had applicants start by checking out the Water Footprint Calculator to see how their water usage stacks up against the rest of the country and tell us how they planned to reduce their personal water usage and waste less water.

Help Us Congratulate Our April 2019 Winners

Cristina M. - 1st Place
University of Arizona
Destiny A. - 2nd Place
University of Texas, San Antonio
Benjamin H. - 3rd Place
University of Pittsburgh

Help Us Congratulate Our October 2018 Winners

Claire M. - 1st Place
Temple University
Hannah C. - 2nd Place
Occidental College
Thomas C. - 3rd Place
University of Massachusetts — Boston

Help Us Congratulate Our April 2018 Winners

Jessica Y. - 1st Place
California State University
David F. - 2nd Place
University of Arizona
Noah H. - 3rd Place
North Carolina State University