Saving Your Appliances
The most important investment you make in your home are your appliances. Why not protect those investments from the damaging effects of hard water and save money on costly repairs! Repairs can cost you hundreds of dollars every year due to hard water damage. Protecting your appliances will keep them running longer and more efficiently without needless repair costs. To repair your ice maker in the fridge from hard water damage costs $230 for a repairman! A hot water heater, if protected can save you up to $30 a month in water heating by keeping scale buildup off the heating element, making it more efficient. Not protecting your water heater could cost you $300-$1,000 to replace! You also save the yearly plumber visits for clogged shower heads, minor appliance repairs or clogged pipes which will save you up to $500/ year!

The Pelican NaturSoft® system is designed to protect your plumbing from the damaging effects of hard water up to 75 grains per gallon of hardness (over 1,200 mg/L). Unlike the Pelican NaturSoft® system, other similar systems fall short requiring the media to be replaced every 5 years and have a limited hardness rating of only 25 grains.

That means we have already saved you $876 in normal yearly repairs and maintenance in the first year and prevented a costly $530 - $1,230 repair cost from damaged appliances!

Saving Time Cleaning
How much is your time worth? Keeping your house clean takes up a lot of your time and your time is worth something, right? The Pelican NaturSoft® prevents the minerals in your water from etching your glass and fixtures and prevents the minerals from sticking to surfaces. The number one expense and time consuming job of cleaning is the removal of hard water scale from toilets, fixtures, shower heads and sinks. One study (Ohio State University) determined that it takes an average of nearly 4 hours per house cleaning hard water scale. When softened water was made available, cleaning time was cut by 40%. Over the course of a year, this would save you more than 10 8-hour work days (80 hours).

We spend up to $45/month in cleaning supplies and harsh chemicals. Let's be conservative and say we save only 20% on cleaning time and supplies. If your time is worth $10/hour (and its probably worth more) we are saving you $42 a month cleaning hard water off your fixtures and in cleaning products! That's 40 hours saved and $504 a year in savings!

Soaps & Savings
Ever wonder why you go through so much soap when doing your laundry? Hard water prevents many soaps from properly creating soap suds and thus requires more soap and soaps containing salts and chemicals to counteract the hard water. These soaps are harsh on your skin and your clothes. The extra soap also costs you money every month, on average we spend $20/month on soaps. With the NaturSoft® system installed you can reduce your soap usage and use more natural soaps with less salts and chemicals. NaturSoft® reduces soap usage and improves cleaning.

So what's our total savings so far? A huge $1,380 savings in 1 year from simply adding a NaturSoft® system to your home. With an unlimited lifespan on the NaturSoft® system, you will have paid for your system within the first year and it will pay you every year thereafter.