The Pelican NaturSoft® Difference

Many brands offer salt-free technology, but not all products are created equal. The Pelican NaturSoft® System is the only certified water softener alternative that consistently performs as promised in reducing hard water scale. Learn More about Hard Water.

What makes NaturSoft® unique?

The system's effectiveness lies in the NaturSoft® Water Softener media, which prevent hard water scale from building up in your home's plumbing and appliances. We were so confident in our NaturSoft® granules that we had a world-renowned team of scientists test them side-by-side against two other leading brands in the industry.

Laboratory Tested

  • Samples of softening granules were collected directly from manufacturers
  • The Technologie Zentrum laboratory in Germany put these granules to the test to see which performed best in preventing hard water scale
  • The study replicated DVGW testing - DVGW is a scientific organization that ensures the safety and quality of water industry products through rigorous testing protocols
  • The lab simulated real-world annual water usage of a family of 4
  • NaturSoft®
  • Sample B

The Results

  • Natursoft®

    99.6% Effective scale reduction
  • Sample A

    72.0% Effective scale reduction
  • Sample B

    5.01% Effective scale reduction