Pelican Replacement Water Filters and Media

Pelican Water offers the full line of replacement filters and replacement media necessary to ensure your Pelican Water System is performing to its peak. Whether you need a set of replacement pre-filters, change your carbon media, or just a simple o-ring we have it in-stock and ready.

Pelican Sediment Replacement Filters & Accessories

We offer everything from 10" to 20" pre-filter systems as well as all parts and accessories. Replacement sediment pre-filters, o-rings, spanner wrenches, as well as the pre-filter housings. We also offer discounted multi-pack sediment pre-filters in convenient 4 & 8 packs that come with an extra o-ring (an $8.00 value).

Brand: Pelican
Model Number: All Models
Suggested Retail Price: $39.90+
Starting At: $31.92
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Pelican Replacement Media

Pelican offers replacement media for all systems that may require a media change. We offer replacement carbon, calcite, soda ash, resin, greensand, and more. At Pelican we offer the replacement media as a major cost savings to the consumer, rather than having to replace the entire filter system.

Brand: Pelican
Model Number: PC600-R / PC1000-R
Suggested Retail Price: $199+
Starting At: $156.00
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