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Why should I consider Pelican’s In-Home services?

While Pentair Pelican products are easy to install on your own, you may want your filter, softener, filter/softener or UV combination system sized, delivered and installed by a professional for extra peace of mind. The Pentair Pelican In-Home Service is our Factory approved roster of certified and professional Sales Consultants and Installers that work together to provide full In-Home support to ensure the best Water System installation possible.

Texas's Water Quality Problems

Texas is a dry climate, and a lack of rainfall causes prolonged droughts. Worsening arid conditions, intensified by climate change, mean that the state has to be diligent about conserving its freshwater supply. However, other than minor adjustments, the laws regulating groundwater use haven’t been changed since 1904. The “Rule of Capture” allows landowners to pump water indiscriminately, even if it drains all the water from surrounding properties.

A general lack of fresh drinking water leads to higher instances of water quality problems, and the costs of additional water treatment are passed along to anyone paying a public water bill. Common quality issues in rural areas include lime scale buildup and elevated levels of coliform and arsenic. An alarming report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that Texas has the most radioactive water of any state, including detectable levels of radium-226 and radium-228. The EWG warns that not treating radioactive water can significantly increase the risk of cancer.

Other water quality issues around the state include zebra mussels in raw water pipes that can make water smell like raw sewage. Texas also struggles with disinfection byproducts (DBPs) like chloroform when water is treated with excessive chlorine or chloramines. In addition, Texas families have to contend with several water quality concerns such as PFAS.

What Homeowners Can Do

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During a complimentary in-home service appointment, a certified professional will test the water in your home and let you know exactly what is in your water. Our expert will suggest the best water filtration and softening system for your specific water quality needs.

We understand that, in the Lone Star State, every drop of freshwater matters — that’s why we offer a selection of water treatment systems that help conserve this precious resource. Pentair Pelican is a global market leader in salt-free water technology, and several of our systems generate zero wastewater depending on your overall water quality.

Pentair Pelican water filtration and softening systems are backed by a 90-day labor guarantee and installations are performed with white glove service. Ready to find out what’s in your water? Call and schedule your free in-home consultation today. Pentair Pelican is committed to improving water quality for every family across the state of Texas.

Factory Trained Consultants

Our personable, Knowledgeable factory trained Sales Consultants provide great in-home advice on the best Pentair Pelican water system for your family and your home.

Pentair Pelican White Glove Installation Service

Save time and gain peace of mind with our Pentair Pelican White Glove Installation Service backed by our 90 day labor guarantee.

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White Glove Service Packages

We provide long term maintenance to keep water filtration systems running in great condition for years to come.

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Save Time & Peace of Mind

Our Mobile Retail Center is fitted with a mobile water test station, mini showroom and inventory so we can service your water problem needs effectively and efficiently.

Our Mobile Retail Centers are in your area and ready to go, for the best in-home service for your water quality problems, let Pentair Pelican help you take control of your water quality today.

Pentair Pelican Way

With our Proven "Pentair Pelican Way" process we can have you drinking bottled water quality water from every faucet in your home in 3 days.

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