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Why should I consider Pelican’s In-Home services?

Pentair Pelican brings the ease and convenience of professional installation to your home with the introduction of in-home service appointments. Choose the best filter, softener, or combination system from a range of best-selling options to address your unique water quality concerns. A factory-approved roster of certified Sales Consultants works together with helpful Installers to provide full support. Rest easy and trust our experts to size, deliver, and install a water treatment system to enjoy crisp, cleaner water.

Tennessee's Water Quality Problems

Water sources in Tennessee, including the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River, are rated as “highly susceptible to potential contamination,” according to a consumer confidence report. Groundwater can be contaminated by environmental pollutants, industrial waste, and agricultural runoff. Multiple environmental groups have sued the Tennessee Valley Authority in an attempt to force the organization to clean its coal ash pits, which leech into the groundwater and pollute nearby rivers.

Environmental Working Group’s new Tap Water Database found five contaminants above recommended health guidelines in Nashville’s tap water, including nitrate, chromium-6, and total trihalomethanes (TTHMs). In the Memphis area, the EWG detected levels of radiological contaminants like radium and THMs that could increase a resident’s risk of developing cancer.

Recent reports indicate that gaps in the underground sediment layer that protects the public groundwater supply underneath vast swaths of the state could leave the water susceptible to arsenic contamination from closed coal plants. Drinking arsenic when it infiltrates public drinking water supplies can cause vomiting, stomach pain, numbness, skin discoloration, and it can increase your risk for developing bladder, lung, kidney, and liver cancers.

In 2016, Tennessee suffered a prolonged drought that pushed many local utilities to low reserves of freshwater. This incident led to many changes to the state’s formal drought plans. During times of extreme drought, mandatory watering restrictions will be implemented across the state. Details on restrictions can be found at the drought page of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

What Homeowners Can Do

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Homeowners in Tennessee have to concern themselves with a range of water quality issues, from radiological contaminants to nitrates. With the help of a Pentair Pelican water specialist, you can find a system that addresses your quality concerns and grants peace of mind.

When you schedule a complimentary in-home service appointment with one of our experts, they will test your water on-site and recommend the ideal water filter or softener system. Pentair Pelican's water filtration and softening systems are NSF-certified to promote higher standards of cleaner, safer water. All installations in Tennessee are backed by a 90-day labor guarantee and performed with white-glove service.

Ready to find out what's in your water? Call now to schedule a free in-home consultation. Pentair Pelican is committed to bringing refreshing drinking water to families all across the Volunteer State. At Pentair Pelican, our industry-leading and proven portfolio of solutions enables our customers to access the world’s most precious resource.

Factory Trained Consultants

Our personable, Knowledgeable factory trained Sales Consultants provide great in-home advice on the best Pentair Pelican water system for your family and your home.

Pentair Pelican White Glove Installation Service

Save time and gain peace of mind with our Pentair Pelican White Glove Installation Service backed by our 90 day labor guarantee.

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White Glove Service Packages

We provide long term maintenance to keep water filtration systems running in great condition for years to come.

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Save Time & Peace of Mind

Our Mobile Retail Center is fitted with a mobile water test station, mini showroom and inventory so we can service your water problem needs effectively and efficiently.

Our Mobile Retail Centers are in your area and ready to go, for the best in-home service for your water quality problems, let Pentair Pelican help you take control of your water quality today.

Pentair Pelican Way

With our Proven "Pentair Pelican Way" process we can have you drinking bottled water quality water from every faucet in your home in 3 days.

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