What Is a Shower Filter?

When it comes to water filtration, most consumers automatically associate filters and water treatment products with drinking water. This connection is natural - the water we drink every day should be properly filtered and free of contaminants so we drink more pure, more refreshing water without any unwanted side effects or health problems.

But did you know your body also absorbs water while you shower? The water you bathe in affects the overall quality of your skin and hair. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. If your water contains chlorine, it could irritate your skin and damage your hair over time.

While drinking water tends to be the focus of concerns, the water you shower with could also have contaminants like chlorine in it. But in order to fully filter the water in your home, you should consider investing in a shower filter. A shower filter is installed right at the shower head, so the water is treated before it reaches your skin. Most shower filter systems come with their own shower head, but some systems only include the filters.

How Does a Shower Filter Work?

Shower filters are similar to drinking water filters in their core mechanics: they are comprised of a series of filters, or stages, where the water passes through various substances in order to reduce or convert chemicals like chlorine into non-harmful alternatives. Shower filters often contain multiple stages. Let’s explore the inner-workings of a shower filter further:

Stage 1 - Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media

The first stage, indicated in the goldish hue in the diagram, Includes a patented blend of media like copper and zinc to filter chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water. Reducing chlorine, as we’ll discuss below, benefits your hair and skin in numerous ways.

Stage 2 - GAC Carbon Media

The second stage, illustrated in the diagram as the blackish-grey section, incorporates a special blend of steam activated carbon media. You may have heard of carbon filters in relation to drinking water filters, and in fact many brands of shower filters are solely carbon filtration systems. The carbon media in this stage is designed to filter chloramines and synthetic chemicals as well as unpleasant odors. Your water will smell fresher and cleaner after passing through the carbon media. Only some brands of shower filters include carbon filtering: check specific products for more details.

Stage 3 - Far-Infrared Balls

The third stage, indicated in red in the diagram, consists of far-infrared emitting volcanic media that induces reduced or negative ions into the water. This results in a lower surface tension in the water allowing for better hydration. Changing the surface tension in the water also makes the water feel softer on your hair and skin, leaving you with a feeling of having just left a spa.

Like all systems, as more and more water is filtered through your shower filter it will require minimal maintenance. Some shower filters have individual cartridges that require replacing. With shower filters like the Pelican Premium Shower Filter, users replace the self-contained filter system approximately once every 9 months.

What Are the Benefits of a Shower Filter?

Shower filters reduces several contaminants, and treat the water in numerous ways.

The Filters Reduce Chlorine

Most homeowners invest in a shower filter because of its ability to reduce chlorine from shower water.

If you’re a swimmer or have simply gone to a water park, you’re probably familiar with the drying effect that chlorine has on your skin. Your shower water may contain chlorine, which could impact your hair and skin over time.

By reducing the chlorine in your shower water by 96%, the Pelican Premium Shower Filter:

Softens your hair

Moisturizes your skin

Reduces redness and flakiness

The Filters Reduces Chloramine

Chlorine is not the only chemical that shower filters effectively reduce: chloramines are filtered as well. Chloramine is essentially a synthetic combination of chlorine and ammonia. Appropriately, chloramines give off a distinct and unpleasant odor that can greatly affect the overall smell of your shower water in large amounts.

Water that is treated with monochloramine can potentially have high concentrations of chemical byproducts. Thankfully, the Pelican Premium Shower Filter greatly reduces the amount of chloramines in your shower water and ensures that your showers are odor-free.

By reducing the chloramine in your shower water, the Pelican Premium Shower Filter:

Reduces unpleasant odors from your water

Reduces your exposure to synthetic chemicals

Transforms your shower into a spa experiences

The Filters Reduce THMs

As illustrated with chloramines, there are many byproducts of chlorine treatment that can prove just as (or more) problematic than chlorine itself. According to the Environ Health Prespect, “a study by government and academic researchers adds to previous evidence that dermal absorption and inhalation of THMs associated with everyday tap water use can result in significantly higher blood THM concentrations than simply drinking the water does.” Thus, THMs absorbed in the shower may cause potential adverse health effects.

Luckily, shower filters reduce many chlorine byproducts, including THMs. Choose a shower filter that protects your family from harmful byproducts.

Shower Filter Brands

There are many reputable brands that carry similar shower filters for your home. Considering the negative effects that chlorine and other chemicals might have on your skin and hair, it’s important to take the time to compare brands and determine which shower filter is right for you.

Luckily, you don’t need to comb through reviews and research product specifications on your own. We have compiled a quick and comprehensive comparison chart that you can view here to see how Pelican’s Premium Shower Filter measures up against shower filters from T3, Aquasana, and Culligan.

While we have full confidence that our shower filter is the best option for filtering chlorine, chloramine, THM, and your wallet, see how it stacks up to the competition to decide for yourself.

What is an Effective Shower Filter?

Choosing the best shower filter for you and your family is a combination of research and preference. After comparing brands, it’s easy to see that the Pelican Premium Shower Filter provides the amazing protection, offers a great shower experience, and boasts a modern and sleek design. However, we carry multiple styles and types of shower filters to match your specific needs.

Premium Shower Filter with Head

All three of our shower filter models are available in a standard white and in an all-new chrome design to match any decor and bathroom style. The Premium Shower Filter with Head, like our other options, reduces chlorine by 96%, filter chloramines, lasts approximately 6 months (or 15,000 gallons), and incorporates relaxing aromatherapy for a true spa experience. If you’re drawn to the traditional shower head style, this model is the way to go.

Premium Shower Filter with Wand

Providing all of the benefits of the previous model, this variation comes with a 5-foot wand instead of the typical shower head. Deciding between a wand and a shower head is largely a choice of preference and shower type. If you choose the wand, the spray of the water goes precisely where you like it. Providing unparalleled comfort and precision, a wand also can reduce your water bill. It’s as easy to install as any other shower filter, and is just as beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

Premium Shower Filter (No Head)

Do you already have a shower head that you’re particularly fond of? Does your shower head contain multiple spray styles and options that you would otherwise miss? You’re not required to replace your shower head when you purchase a shower filter. This model simply comes with the numerous benefits of our leading shower filter system. Connect your shower head or wand to the filter and immediately enjoy softer skin, sleeker hair, and an odor-free shower.

Contact a Pelican Water professional today to discuss which shower filter is right for you.