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Is Your Water Free
Of Added Fluoride?

Approximately 60-70% of the US water supply includes added fluoride, a practice which began seventy years ago. If you live in an area with added fluoride or your well water came back with naturally occurring fluoride and you want it reduced, Pelican has the solution.

From compact filters that work in apartments and condos, to high flow water filtration systems we have your fluoride filtration solutions here.

Reduce Fluoride Now With These
Pelican Products

Whole House Fluoride Water Systems

You may also live in an area with old distribution pipes that contain lead. Or perhaps your city adds fluoride to the drinking water and you want it removed.

Pelican PRO 6-Stage RO

Pelican's 6 stage filtration system is both effective and compact, so it will fit below your sink and provide water that is better than bottled water.

Brand: Pelican
Model Number: PRO-RO-XX
Suggested Retail Price: $599++
Starting at: $441.00 $264.60
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EZ-Connect Compact Fluoride Water Filters

This 2-Stage/3-Stage Whole House Water Filter systems is easy to assemble and install, so you don't need to hassle with an expensive installation process. This system is compact and handles up to 5 GPM for lead and fluoride removal.

Brand: Pelican
Model Number: PC200-F,PC300-LF
Suggested Retail Price: $798++
Flow Rates: 5 GPM
Starting at: $419.00 $356.15
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Bonechar Whole House Fluoride Filter

The Pelican Fluoride Filter uses high grade BoneChar carbon to reduce Fluoride in your drinking water. This system handles up to 15 GPM.

Brand: Pelican
Model Number: PF6
Suggested Retail Price: $3,242
Flow Rates: 15 GPM
Starting at: $1,704.00 $1,448.40
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