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The Worst Beaches in America

As the weather warms up and summer begins in full swing, millions of Americans will hit the beaches to grab a tan and ride the waves. The summer trip to the beach is a celebrated American pastime, but not doing your research before you go can prove disastrous.

The oceans are more polluted than ever before, and many local beaches simply can’t keep up with the overwhelming chemical, plastic, and organic waste piling up on shores and in nearby deposits. These are the most polluted beaches in America, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council – avoid them when you go trek to the sand this summer.

Avalon Beach, California – This beach, located in the southernmost region of Los Angeles County, is frequently packed with visitors and tourists. The tourism and lackluster regulation has taken its toll – the beach scored abysmally, being particularly polluted near Busy B Café.
Ropes Park, Texas – Stormwater and gratuitous sewer overflow is largely to blame for the shocking amount of pollution at this once beloved beach. Located in Nueces County, this beach’s water contaminant content is particularly high.
Villa Angela State Park, Ohio – sometimes, the pollution responsible for dirtying our beaches isn’t as clear-cut as plastic bottles, bags, and other waste. This beach in Cuyahoga County was found to contain consistently high bacteria levels on a daily basis.
Doheny State Beach, California – Even Orange County isn’t impervious to water pollution. The level of pollutants and contaminants at this beach ranked particularly high north of San Juan Creek and near the Surf Zone at Outfall. Think twice before taking a dip in these waters.
Beachwood Beach West, New Jersey – the New Jersey / New York coastline typically boasts some of the country’s cleanest beaches, but this beach right on the Jersey Shore has more pollution than nearly any other beach in America. Stormwater and local wildlife are key contributors to pollution.
Keaton Beach, Florida – Being a central port beach has taken its toll on this locale. The pollution at this Taylor Country beach is caused by a combination of factors, including animal waste, boats and related debris, stormwater, and excess runoff.

Even when travelling to clean beaches, clean drinking water will be in short supply, as most beaches don’t feature nearby plumbing. Plan ahead and bring plenty of fruit and food items high in water content to stay hydrated when at the beach.

Pack plenty of filtered water for you and your family when swimming and relaxing at your favorite beach. Convenient sports bottles are a great alternative to plastic water bottles both for water quality and reusability. Always research the cleanliness of any beach before you go, and avoid these beaches to stay safe.

worst beaches in america

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