Published: March 30, 2015

    World Water Day—March 22

    It’s not an exaggeration to say water affects every aspect of human life. It’s also sadly true that access to safe water is increasingly hard to come by globally, and sustainably using our freshwater resources will be one of this century’s greatest challenges.

    With that in mind, Pelican Water wholeheartedly supports the United Nation’s World Water Day on March 22nd, 2015. The goal of World Water Day is to both celebrate the importance of water and draw attention to the many obstacles facing sustainable water use.

    Water Saves Lives
    The simple act of washing hands in clean water saves lives. Proper hygiene prevents the spread of diseases, many of which are caused by exposure to minute particles of fecal matter. It’s why our parents impressed upon us the importance of washing our hands every time we use the restroom.

    Unfortunately, for many people washing hands in clean water is an unattainable luxury. The United Nations reports 748 million people lack access to improved sources of drinking water, and a staggering 2.5 billion have no access to an improved sanitation facility, making otherwise easily preventable diseases commonplace.

    Sanitation facilities are part of any effective public water infrastructure, and vital to urban life. Global urbanization occurs at a rapid rate—with over one million people moving into cities every week, there’s a growing demand for increased access to public water supplies. But 40 percent of all urban growth takes place in slums, where infrastructure is limited at best. Urban life does not guarantee easier access to water than rural environments.

    Water is vital for health. It’s also essential for energy production, industry, and agriculture. Access to water even affects gender equality—just ask any of the women who collectively invest millions of hours every day hauling water from distant and limited resources. We simply cannot survive without water. It’s the intent of World Water Day to raise this awareness in those of us lucky enough to have easy access to clean water, and to encourage a discussion on water sustainability—a discussion that must lead to action, because none of us can afford to think of water as inexhaustible. It’s why Pelican works so hard to ensure its products offer cleaner, safer water with as little waste as possible.