world water day

    Published: March 22, 2015

    World Water Day 2015: Water and Energy

    For the vast majority of Americans, sanitary water is an afterthought. On the other hand, for countless people throughout the world, clean, safe water is a luxury that’s beyond reach. To stimulate positive change, the United Nations General Assembly recognizes every March 22 as World Day for Water, during which people are invited to participate in activities to raise public awareness about this tragic worldwide problem.

    How it Helps

    Safe potable water is a scarcity for millions of people, who endure a myriad of health problems as a result. To help change this, the UNGA encourages states to organize seminars, round tables, conferences, expositions and documentaries aimed at raising awareness. Most major humanitarian movements begin through increased awareness, especially when the target audience involves policymakers who can have a dramatic impact on change. With this in mind, the UNGA points toward four key objectives related to World Water Day in 2015:

    • Shed light on the link between energy and water
    • Contribute to policy dialog related to water conservation
    • Use case studies to demonstrate how decision makers can positively impact economic and social issues through water policies
    • Identify key stakeholders and engage them to promote change

    How You Can Help

    While most Americans enjoy safe drinking water, there are steps you can take to help preserve this precious resource here at home. At Pelican, we’re committed to providing eco-friendly, sustainable products that help conserve water and protect the environment. You can aid this effort by turning off your faucet when not in use; by taking showers instead of baths; by watering your lawn after sunset; by checking your home plumbing system for leaks; and by upgrading to eco-friendly, sustainable toilets and water filtration products that waste less water. These may sound like small changes, but when people act together, the cumulative impact can be staggering.