Published: February 15, 2018

    Why I Will Never Buy Bottled Water Again: Testimonials from Pelican Customers

    Making the switch from drinking bottled water to filtered water has obvious benefits for the environment: cutting down on plastic consumption and waste reduces the amount of non-biodegradable waste that ends up in landfills and in the world’s oceans every year.

    By choosing to forgo bottled water altogether you also get to experience the joys of drinking filtered water for yourself. Plus, you’ll actually save a ton of money when you aren’t buying bottled water in bulk every week! Many of our customers agree that ditching bottled water was one of the best decisions they’ve made.

    Don’t take our word for it – read some of our customer reviews:

    Douglas of Hempstead, NY, was impressed with the thorough work done by our sales staff, and noted that the installation process was fast and professional. He loves ridding his water of chlorine, and is happy he now feels confident giving tap water to his pets.

    “We’re able to drink the water out of the tap so we’re saving money on buying bottled water,” Douglas said in his review. He added, “It’s safe enough to give our pets now because they were only drinking bottled or filtered water out of the refrigerator. Overall, a Pelican water system makes a difference in the water.”

    When Gina of Winter Park, FL, relocated, she quickly learned that the water quality in her new home needed to be addressed. For three years she paid a sizable sum to have bottled water shipped to her home every month because she didn’t trust the tap water in her community.

    In Gina’s own words, “instead of continuing to pay for water to be delivered, I figured I can at least get a system, and once it’s paid off, I’d save that income. Everything that I did on Google kept pointing to Pelican Water Systems, so I gave them a call.” Once our friendly technician helped Gina install her new system she never had to order another bottle of water again.

    Matthew of Erie, PA, was concerned about his water quality but also was hesitant to spend several thousand dollars on a water filtration system. He researched many options online and found that Pelican Water offers a terrific 6-stage reverse osmosis filtration systems for less than $300.

    As Matthew recalls, “We were buying two to three cases of bottled water a week. We looked at another water system and it was going to be close to $3,000. I wasn’t at that point where I wanted to spend $3,000 on a whole house system. I researched and found Pelican Water Systems for $300.” Matthew was very pleased with his reverse osmosis system and has left his bottled water days behind.

    These aren’t the only customers that have saved money and improved their drinking water quality by installing a Pelican Water system and kicking bottled water to the curb. You can read hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers by heading to our page at Consumer Affairs. Ready to make the change? Contact a Pelican water specialist today.