Published: August 16, 2017

    Why Do I Need This Much Water?

    Your ideal level of hydration isn’t a one-size-fits-all amount – every person has a different target amount of water that they could consume based on their age, height, activity level, and more.

    Conveniently, now Pelican Water offers our own hydration calculator for anyone to calculate his or her starting point for optimal health. If you took the test recently, you may be surprised at how high your target water consumption should really be. If it’s more than the assumed “eights glasses of eight ounces of water a day” that you’ve been told since childhood you may be asking: “why do I need this much water?

    Sure, you can technically function while being dehydrated. If your urine is typically a yellow hue you’re getting through each day without the right amount of water. However, keeping your water intake below the recommended amount can be doing some damage to your health that you’re not aware of. Most Americans – as many as 75% – are chronically dehydrated. Yes, you do need that much water. Here’s why:

    • When you’re chronically dehydrated your skin wrinkles faster, and your skin lacks that “gentle glow.” Over time you’ll be more susceptible to dermatological problems like psoriasis or dermatitis.
    • When you’re not drinking enough water toxins aren’t flushed out of your body in an efficient manner. This creates an environment in your body where bacteria can grow plentifully. Being dehydrated leaves your bladder and kidneys more vulnerable to nasty infections.
    • Dehydration can contribute significantly to fatigue. If you’re not drinking enough water you’ll become tired more quickly and experience a mental “fog” as you try to continue working throughout the day.
    • Not drinking enough water can aggravate digestive problems. Water is the most important ingredient of healthy digestion – without an ample supply of water your body cannot produce enough digestive fluid. Over time this lack of water can lead to gastritis or ulcers.
    • The cartilage padding in your joints is mostly composed of water. When you’re not consuming enough water on a regular basis your cartilage weakens, possibly making your joints and bone structures ache with pain.
    • Chronic dehydration can cause weight gain. The lack of water causes a decrease in energy, and you may eat more to give your body that sense of feeling energized. In addition, fat cannot be properly metabolized within your body without adequate hydration.

    When you do decide to boost your water intake and start reaching for your goals don’t forget the importance of water filtration. To properly experience the benefits of hydration, homeowners should protect themselves and their families from the potential contaminants that could be lurking in the water supply.

    Products like a whole house filtration system from Pelican Water take the guesswork out of your water safety. Even though the water in your tap is regulated there are many unregulated chemicals that can find their way into your water, like caffeine, lithium, and isophorone.

    Plus, perfectly clean water that leaves the water treatment facility can be contaminated by the time it reaches your tap. Here are just some possibilities that could compromise your water quality:

    • Brine discharges
    • Disinfectant byproducts
    • Local land practices like fertilizer and pesticides
    • Sewage releases
    • Naturally-occurring chemicals and minerals like radon and arsenic

    Fortunately, there are many types of water filtration systems that can keep your water pure and clean. With drinking filters as low as $75 to whole house filters starting at around $350, you’ll be sure to find the right water filtration system for your home. With properly filtered water you can avoid the contaminants in your water supply while also avoiding the health problems associated with chronic dehydration. That’s a win in our book – contact a Pelican Water specialist today!