Published: November 5, 2015

    Which Water Softener is Best?

    At Pelican Water, we’re willing to stack our water softeners up against any competitors’ products. We stood by this claim when we asked famed German laboratory Technologie Zenturm to test our proprietary NaturSoft® granules, a key feature in our NaturSoft® water softener alternative systems.

    The Technologie Zenturm compared the granules to two leading competitors, stimulating real-world water usage for a family of four. The study replicated DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas und Wasserfaches) standards, a global leader in the evaluation and testing of water industry products.

    What the study revealed surprised no one who understands Pelican’s commitment to high-quality, efficient water softening systems. Pelican NaturSoft® reduces scaling by 99.6 percent, compared to 72 percent from one competitor and a dismal 5.01 percent from the second. NaturSoft® was the only one of the three to meet DVGW certification standards, a feat we’re very proud of.

    NaturSoft® has other advantages. While other systems require nine seconds of contact with water to draw out heavy minerals, NaturSoft® granules only require three seconds. Nor do our granules need to be replaced; they’re good for the life of your system. Other water softeners require replacement around every three to five years, costing anywhere from $600 to $1,000 per replacement.

    Which Type of Water Softener is Right for You?

    The answer depends on your personal needs, which are best determined by speaking with a Pelican water specialist at 877-842-1635. Pelican offers several options.

    NaturSoft® Water Softener Alternatives come with or without UV protection. UV protection kills water-borne bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. Our filtration/water softening combo systems provide water softening capabilities with carbon filtration, sediment filtration, and bacterial protection, depending on the model you order.

    While water softener alternatives with salt free technology systems use no electricity and generate no wastewater compared to salt-based systems, Pelican does offer a series of highly efficient salt-based softeners, which provide optimal service and backwash rates.

    Don’t Take Our Word for It

    Other customers are always the best source of feedback and criticism for any product, and water softeners are no exception. See what our customers are saying through Pelican’s TrustPilot reviews. We’re confident you’ll find we receive top marks for customer satisfaction, ease of use, and reliability.