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    Published: October 26, 2016

    Water Super Heroes & Villains

    Water Super Heroes & Villains

    Water is a powerful force. Given time, water can erode the strongest rock. It was water that carved the Grand Canyon. Tsunamis are rightly feared, as is the crushing force of an icy avalanche. It’s not surprise then, that the superhero genre has a number of famous water-based characters—and some infamous ones as well.


    Make all the jokes about talking to seafood you want: Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry, remains one of the most powerful individuals in DC comics. Yes, he can talk to—and control—marine life, but he’s also incredibly strong. He has to be in order to withstand the pressure of living at the bottom of the ocean. He’s fast, he can see in almost complete darkness (there’s not much light in the ocean depths), and his trident can bend water to his will. He’s also a passionate defender of the oceanic environment and clean water, which as you can guess, garners him more than a little support in the Pelican Water offices.

    Oh right, and he’s the King of Atlantis. Beat that Batman.

    Mr. Freeze

    Speaking of the Dark Knight, the Batman has battled Mr. Freeze since 1959, although the villain was originally known as Mr. Zero. He changed his name to Mr. Freeze for the 1960s Batman and Robin TV show, and the name stuck.

    Due to a cryogenic accident, Victor Fries’s body chemicals became so cold he has to wear a special suit to survive. His favored weapon is his “freeze ray,” and he tends to build his plans around cold or frozen themes. Unlike, say, the wild nihilism of the Joker, Mr. Freeze has a tragic reason for his criminal activity: he’s desperate to save his terminally ill wife, Nora, who he put in cryostasis while he hunts for a cure to her condition.


    A founding member of Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men, Iceman’s powers manipulates the snow and ice he creates by drawing water vapor from his surroundings. His trademark method of transportation is to propel himself forward on a continuously developing ice bridge.

    Over the years Iceman (aka Bobby Drake) has seen his powers change several times, including a period where his entire body could transform into ice. When not working with the X-Men he’s a frequent ally of Spider-Man.


    Another X-Man, Storm has the power to control the weather, including rain, snow, and hail. Born Ororo Munroe, Storm has been played by Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp in the X-Men movies, and has lead the X-Men on numerous occasions.

    These are, by no means, the only heroes and villains of the superhero world who use water as their weapon of choice. Who’s your favorite?