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    Published: March 19, 2015

    Brentwood’s Water Softener Financial Incentive Program Features Pelican Water Products

    As part of the City of Brentwood’s commitment to reduce chloride levels in wastewater, the city now offers a generous water softener financial incentive package for residents considering purchasing a non-salt or potassium-based water softening unit. The City of Brentwood, CA is offering $700 for existing salt-based softeners to be removed by prequalified plumbers and replaced with a salt-free softener—the perfect opportunity to purchase a Pelican Water system. In addition, first-time salt-free softener buyers are being offered a $300 incentive in an effort to reduce the city water’s chloride levels further.

    We’re proud to say that Pelican Water is a pre-qualified company Brentwood suggests to call for a new water softening system, and equally proud of our environmentally-friendly, water conserving water softener alternative with salt free technology.

    Chloride – which is a natural electrolyte found in drinking water sources – can also be found in many vegetables and processed foods. While it is most widely associated with common table salt, it can sometimes be considered harmful to certain freshwater aquatic life if it’s in high enough concentrations. California’s Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board limits the amount of chloride that can be present in the City’s wastewater treatment plant that currently discharges into the local creek. Unfortunately, most salt-based water softeners do little, if anything, to help decrease the volume of chloride that is recycled by Brentwood. The majority of chlorides found in the City’s wastewater come from salt-based water softeners. For more information, visit the Brentwood Government website.

    Unlike salt-based systems, our water softener alternatives produce zero wastewater, softening water without adding chloride and other chemicals to city wastewater. Our water softener alternative requires no electricity, instead relying on reverse osmosis to filter out salt and other impurities while retaining those minerals vital to health.

    Interested residents must submit an application to the city. If you’re a first-time buyer, submit your receipt for the water softening system with your application. Residents applying for the removal incentive must wait for a Notice to Proceed to be eligible for their incentive.

    Pure, soft water is better for your health, less damaging to your water-based appliances, and-when filtered through a non-salt system—better for the environment. Call Pelican at 844-87-6797 to find out more about our salt-free water filtrations systems, and discuss which system best suits your needs. Or visit Pelican Water online to explore our many water filtration solutions.

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