Published: March 18, 2016

    What About the Water Quality in St. Joseph, Louisiana?

    The drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has gained national attention as new details of the poor water quality coming from the Flint River continue to make headlines. The issues of water treatment and poor management have outraged citizens around the country as they rally behind the residents of Flint in their quest for safer, cleaner drinking water.

    Hoping to follow in Flint’s footsteps, other cities around the country are seeking to shine a spotlight on their own community’s safety and health issues relating to poor drinking water quality. Residents of the Louisiana town of St. Joseph claim their situation is particularly distressing. Rosine Bouobde, a St. Joseph local, claimed that the issues with the drinking water in her city have persisted for over 10 years, reports KNOE 8 News.

    Citizens of St. Joseph have taken to posting images on social media of dirt-brown, chalky water spewing from sinks, washing machines, and bathtubs. The nauseating images demonstrate the urgency of the crisis in the city and illustrate how alarmingly poor the water quality can be across the nation.

    In the past month, residents reported a noticeable change in water color. While citizens grew unfortunately accustomed to the water’s dull yellowish hue over the last few years, the water has rapidly shifted to a translucent murky brown, frightening residents who have taken to the Internet to raise awareness of their plight.

    Since 2012, the town has already been under a citywide boil notice. This means that citizens are advised to boil all water that comes through their faucets before drinking. This additional precaution should already be enough for the city to take action to fix the discoloration and contamination, but questions have arisen regarding the cause of the problem.

    Garrett Boyte, a local resident for over a year, called the State Department of Health and Hospitals to inquire about the water quality in the area. According to Boyte in The News Star, the State Department reported that water samples they’d taken from St. Joseph water sources met the minimal standards of quality issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Boyte takes these results to indicate that the underlying problem would rest in the city’s piping system. A recent break or malfunction likely damaged the water supply system even more, Boyte believes.

    St. Joseph has a 6-million-dollar fund set aside specifically to address issues with the water system, but due to delays and bureaucratic red tape the funds aren’t immediately available. Residents started a petition in an attempt to get President Barack Obama to declare a state of emergency.

    Poor water quality can lead to a host of medical maladies and long-term negative side effects. Lead content and the existence of contaminants can bring great particular harm to young children and senior citizens; drinking water should always be properly filtered for safety and taste. Contact a water specialist at Pelican Water today to discuss the quality of your drinking water.