More comfortable senior living with filtered water at home

    Published: August 21, 2014

    Water Filtration For More Comfortable Senior Living

    As we move into our senior years, there is often more time for rest and relaxation. The children are grown, and a sense of tranquility has descended upon the home. A great way to complement that leisurely lifestyle is to transform your daily bathing routine into a more spa-like experience.

    A great starting point is to upgrade your home’s water quality with filtered water. Many seniors find that their skin is more sensitive to chemicals and contaminants than in younger years. Chlorine, for instance, is almost always added as a disinfectant in public water supplies. This disinfectant is a bleaching and drying agent that, while good for eliminating most waterborne contaminants, dries skin and hair. Chlorine can be particularly troublesome for seniors who struggle with aging skin and weaker hair. That is why many retirees choose to improve the quality of their shower water with a Pelican Premium Shower Filter.

    Our Premium Shower Filter removes more than 96% of chlorine from the water. It also reduces chloramines and many other synthetic chemicals that can be found in your home’s water. The filter provides negative ions and hyper-hydration, which helps aging bodies to fight common skin conditions. After installing the filter, you can enjoy softer skin and hair without the irritating dryness and flakiness. You may also notice an improvement in certain rashes or chronic skin issues that were exacerbated by unfiltered water. As a bonus, our shower filter features an ‘Ocean Breeze’ scent bar that gives your shower that relaxing aromatherapy spa feeling!

    Our shower filter also can be purchased with a 5-foot wand that allows you to shower while seated with complete freedom of movement.

    Once you have upgraded your bathroom shower, consider improving other areas of your home with cleaner, purer water as well. One of the most popular and affordable choices for seniors is our new Pelican Premium Drinking Water System. This unique water filtration system fits on the countertop and connects directly to the faucet—perfect for the kitchen! Our Premium Drinking Water System is an ideal choice for seniors who live in an apartment, condominium, or assisted living facility.

    Our advanced countertop system features NSF certified two-stage filtration that removes over 60 contaminants from tap water, including most of the chlorine that often gives it an unpleasant taste.  Also, EPA studies have suggested that the byproducts of chlorine in water may increase the risk of certain cancers. For seniors concerned about staying healthy, removing chlorine from drinking water is a good idea.

    Research also shows that chlorinated water not only kills bad bacteria, but it also can kill the good bacteria in the digestive system. Intestinal bacteria helps with proper food digestion and the production of vitamins K and B12, so cleaner water is important to keep your digestive system healthy and functioning.

    With an upgraded shower and drinking water, you can enjoy the benefits of a more relaxing, spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. And with Pelican, you can enjoy our Water Shield Auto-Ship program, which automatically sends you replacement filters at a locked-in price (no contract required and you may cancel anytime).

    With Pelican, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the water you use to drink and bathe is cleaner, purer, and healthier than ever!