Published: March 15, 2011

    Water Contamination in Conroe, Texas

    CONROE TEXAS – While water softeners and water filters have become a standard in most homes across America, it’s in places like Conroe, Texas where residents are living in fear of their water and are uniting in the fight of their lives.

    TexCom Gulf Disposal LLC received permission to operate an injection well that will allow the company to bury liquid commercial waste. While the waste would not be classified as hazardous, it could still include trace amounts of toxic chemicals and the cancer-causing benzene.

    Environmental officials in Texas approved this underground landfill despite the objections of the residents and federal regulators. Even a multibillion-dollar oil conglomerate took a stand against this plan that could potentially contaminate the drinking water distributed to the southern part of Texas.

    Although disposal of this type of waste is done (in what is assumed to be a safe practice), in hundreds of places nationwide, what makes this situation decidedly different is that this waste site is saturated with hundreds of abandoned 70+ year old wells; and a good percentage of them are believed to be improperly sealed. This could therefore easily provide means of dissemination of the tainted water.

    When Water Filters are Not Enough

    With residential neighborhoods in walking distance of the disposal site, the citizens have justifiable fears about the contamination of their own water and its subsequent delivery through aquifer feeds onto additional underground streams that provide water to millions of other people in over 50 counties.

    Attorney David Walker, the local water authorities, state legislators, and the residents, are championing the cause to put a stop to Texcom’s plans. Even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency believes that not only could these wells provide means of the dissemination of polluted water; it could go undetected for a long time.

    At Pelican Water we design, manufacture and install Whole House Water Filters and Water Softener Alternative with Salt Free Technology. Good, clean water is our business and we stand in support of these innocent bystanders who have to fight for something that many of us in the United States take for granted. Whether you choose to use a water filter or not, it is easy to empathize with people who are terrified of something they can neither distinguish nor taste and that could slowly and steadily strike deep in the heart of Texas.