Published: November 10, 2017

    Water Arsenic Levels in Ohio Rated 2nd-Highest in Country

    When you hear the word “arsenic,” chances are the second word that comes to your mind is “poison” Arsenic is highly toxic in its inorganic form, and because the poison exists in fairly large levels in the Earth’s crust it can be sometimes leach into the water supply through industrial runoff or naturally work its way into your private well.

    Private well owners are responsible for regularly testing their own wells for contaminants, and many neglect this responsibility when their water tastes fine and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate need to test it. With new information brought to light in a study published in academic journal “Environmental Science & Technology” Ohio residents may want to test their wells as soon as they can.

    The study seeks to estimate the amount of “high-arsenic” levels found in domestic wells around the country. The authors of the study calculate that approximately 10% of the private wells in Ohio contain a high level of the insidious poison.

    This means that Ohio ranks second when compared to every other state in terms of the estimated level of arsenic present in the state’s wells. Only Michigan was found to have a higher proportion of wells that contained dangerous levels of arsenic.

    So what precisely is a high, or dangerous, level of arsenic? While even low levels can have negative health effects, the state of Ohio recognizes that levels of arsenic above 10 micrograms per liter (μg/L).

    Over 2 million people are estimated to be drinking water from wells that contained arsenic at concentrations above that limit, according to the study. In Ohio alone, up to 295,000 people are thought to be consuming dangerous amounts of arsenic every day from their well.

    The inorganic arsenic that can be lurking in your drinking water can cause severe health effects, as arsenic is toxic. When consuming water containing high levels of arsenic you may experience vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, muscle cramping, and numbness. In extreme cases (or at high levels) ingesting the poison can result in death.

    Prolonged exposure to even low levels of arsenic is very serious. Ingesting arsenic can cause and increase your risk of developing lung, skin, kidney, and bladder cancers. Consuming arsenic for long periods of time can result in a change in your natural skin pigmentation and can result in lesions. In Taiwan, arsenic in the drinking water caused an outbreak of blackfoot disease.

    If you live in Ohio contact your local water authority to schedule a test of your well water quality. If they are not able to assist you consider ordering a WaterCheck 32 water test from Pelican Water, which tests for 32 distinct contaminants including arsenic. Your chances of high arsenic concentration increase if you live in an area that may be susceptible to runoff from nearby manufacturing.

    If arsenic is detected in your water do not consume it until you’ve installed a filtration system that can effectively reduce the arsenic in your well. Our 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is NSF-certified to remove an average of 99% of pentavalent arsenic from your private well water. Enjoy safer, cleaner water with a Pelican Water filter specifically designed to combat this dangerous toxin.

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