valentines day gift

    Published: February 8, 2017

    Spread the Love: Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

    Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express how much you love and appreciate your special someone. Many couples, realizing it’s only a few days away, will inevitably scramble at the last minute to get a gift. While we have nothing against chocolate, a box of confections and an oversized stuffed animal may not be the most unique way to demonstrate your affection.

    Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by investing in a meaningful gift that is useful beyond February 14th. Love takes many forms, and when you’re shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift you shouldn’t limit yourself to the holiday section at the local grocer. Get creative with some of these gift ideas that will surprise and delight your spouse or significant other.

    • A Recipe Book – Purchasing a recipe book is a great idea for young couples, especially if your partner may have some reservations about cooking and spending time in the kitchen. Pledge to work through the recipe book together, making a new meal every night and seeing what recipes might become staple meals in your household. Sharpen up their cooking skills and create some fun memories.
    • A Countertop Drinking Filter – Giving the gift of cleaner, more refreshing water is always a terrific idea! Countertop drinking filters are compact and easy to install. Water filtration has never been so convenient, and with over 60 contaminants filtered out it will provide safe and delicious drinking water to any home! When you’ve moved into your first house together, this gift shows your commitment and dedication. Pair with Pelican Water’s stainless steel bottles to make it easy to take healthier water on the go and cut down on plastic bottle waste.
    • A Plant Terrarium – What’s more romantic than the gift of life? A plant terrarium provides a mess-free burst of energy and color anywhere in your home. For apartment owners, it’s a great way to start a mini-garden. Significant others can keep their plants in their offices as a reminder of your connection throughout the workday. Or, you can keep them in the bedroom and buy a new terrarium each year to watch your love grow.
    • Your Favorite Book – Make your gift personal by gifting your loved one a piece of literature that’s had a significant impact on your life. If you’re not the reading type, you can go for your favorite vinyl, or tickets to see your favorite musical artist in concert. Don’t settle for giving them a movie you like – celebrate your personality with a gift that takes more time to enjoy!
    • Lessons Outdoors – Experiences are often the most memorable gifts. Choose an activity you two have always mentioned trying, and finally give it a whirl! Depending on where you live there are many options to consider, including horseback riding, surfing, yoga or rock climbing. Be sure to play it safe and only buy one initial lesson – once you’ve determined if you both enjoy the activity you can splurge on more.
    • Chrome Shower Filter – Shower your loved one (literally) with a gift that will give them softer skin and hair. Effective at reducing chlorine, chloramines, and other synthetic chemicals, a chrome shower filter is the perfect gift for your loved one or the whole family. The chrome finish offers a unique, stylish design that will transform any shower into a spa experience!

    Any of these gift ideas will win over your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.