Bottled Water

    Published: July 30, 2014

    The Truth Behind Bottled Water

    American consumers spend billions of dollars on bottled water each year, despite several unflattering revelations that cast the products in a negative light. While many view bottled water as a clean, convenient way to hydrate, the facts prove differently. Before you twist the cap from another bottle of water, learn why home drinking filters are a superior choice.

    How Clean Is Bottled Water?

    Bottled WaterThe Environmental Protection Agency demands that all community water systems divulge the source of their water. Bottled water manufacturers, on the other hand, are not legally required to disclose where they get their water, how they treat it, or what potential contaminants it might contain—according to Consumer Reports Magazine. In every state except California, disclosure is strictly voluntary, meaning bottled water is subject to less stringent safety standards when compared to tap water.

    While it rarely goes reported, bottled water contaminants do lead to dangerous outbreaks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bacterial contamination in bottled water has led to at least 14 separate incidents of widespread acute gastrointestinal illness (AGI) in the United States. In the end, because bottled water manufacturers aren’t required to divulge much information about their products, consumers know very little about what they’re drinking.

    The Effect on Our Environment

    Most people understand that bottled water has a negative impact on the environment; however, few appreciate its actual effect. According to the Pacific Institute, bottled water production uses at least 17 million barrels of oil without accounting for fuel costs related to transportation. Production also results in over 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is ultimately released into the atmosphere.

    After the water is consumed, things only get worse. Although the bottled water comes in recyclable PET bottles, only about 13 percent actually gets reused. The rest ends up clogging landfills, or worse. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, every square mile of ocean contains more than 46,000 pieces of plastic litter, amounting to 6 pounds of plastic trash for every one pound of plankton.

    A Better Option

    By using a self-maintaining, environmentally friendly home water filter in conjunction with a reusable sports bottle, you can enjoy substantial benefits while reducing your environmental footprint. Not only are water filters cleaner and safer than ordinary tap water, they provide refreshing, sparkling water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. What’s more, they offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re enjoying cleaner, filtered water without causing any harm to the environment.

    At Pelican Water, we’re committed to delivering premier water solutions with environmentally responsible products that leave our customers smiling. Our innovative filtering technology ensures that your family gets cleaner, safer water whenever they want it. It’s just one of the many benefits that make Pelican Water products a refreshingly smart choice and a better option than costly bottled water.