cracked coconut with splashing water

    Published: July 1, 2014

    Top Water Filtration Products Using Environmentally Friendly Coconut Shells

    cracked coconut with splashing waterWhen people think of coconuts, they probably think mostly of how to use the pulp – for drinks candy, cookies etc. But many are unaware of the great value that coconut shells have – a value that is vitally important to water filtration and preserving the environment.

    Coconut shells are a wonderful resource because they are a high grade, natural form of carbon. Coconut shells have been shown throughout recent history to be extremely effective for removing contaminants, tastes and odors from drinking water. Carbon from coconut shells have a higher volume of micropores for filtration than coal, wood, or carbon based on lignite.

    These unique properties make coconut shells very popular for water purification. Not only is this form of carbon highly effective, it comes from a renewable resource that in normal circumstance may have just been discarded. Coconut trees produce fruit three times per year, and the tree is not injured when the shells are harvested. Also, part of the carbon dioxide that is made during the manufacture of the carbon is removed by the trees themselves and produces oxygen.

    Coconut shell-based carbon also produces tasty purified water, and is excellent at filtering trihalomethanes, or THMs, from the water supply, which are harmful byproducts of chlorine disinfection.

    This form of carbon further is effective at the removal of pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic chemicals from water.

    For those considering the benefits of whole house water filtration, consider these Pelican Water products that use coconut shell-based carbons:

    • Premium Whole House Water Filter System: This an almost-maintenance free system that requires no electricity, and is one of the best whole house filtration values on the market.
    • Pelican Carbon Replacement Media: Unlike many competing filtration systems, Pelican coconut shell carbon media can be replaced, saving the consumer thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the product.

    Each of these proven, affordable Pelican Water filtration products provides the home with purer, filtered, spring like water that is delicious and better for health. And the coconut shell-based carbon media is easy on the environment. Learn more today!