Published: April 27, 2018

    Top Reasons Your Hair Color Fades So Fast, and What You Can Do

    Whether you’re looking for a rock star look or simply covering those roots, many of us have colored our hair. In fact, some of us do it every month! When you pay a colorist in a salon or when you patiently do it yourself in your home bathroom it’s always a small miracle when the color looks exactly how you imagined.

    When your hair color looks perfect you naturally want it to last as long as possible. Here are our top tips to prevent premature hair color fading. The main causes might surprise you:

      • Pre-Condition Your Hair: In order to keep your hair color vibrant as long as possible your hair should be healthy and moisturized when you arrive to have the color treatment done. About a week before your appointment invest in a conditioning treatment, and opt for natural ingredients like olive oil and avocado.Use conditioner every day leading up to your appointment, and pay attention to your ends. Damage or frizz indicates that your color will fade quickly!
      • Wait to Shampoo: Your new hair color needs plenty of time to fully absorb into your hair. If you shampoo your hair the day you get the treatment done you may watch your color literally circle the drain. The hot water relaxes your hair, and the color molecules can disconnect from your hair easily.For best results wash your hair the morning of your color treatment so you can wait several days before using shampoo. Each wash will eliminate some of the color from your hair – make it last!
      • Protect Hair From the Heat: Heating products like hair dryers and curling irons are often necessary to properly style your hair. But remember that your hair has lost its protective cuticle layer during dyeing, and if you don’t use protective products before blow-drying or ironing your hair you can bet your color will fade.There are many thermal styling sprays on the market that provide a protection coating to your hair: spray a thin layer over your hair before exposing it to heat.
      • Avoid Chlorine: Chlorine exposure will spell disaster for your color-treated hair. If you plan to swim in treated water always wear a cap, as chlorine is known damage and weaken the color in your hair.Did you know your shower water could contain moderate levels of chlorine? Prolong your next color treatment by using a shower filter from Pelican Water to remove the harsh chlorine from damaging your hair while you shower. Chlorine can also may your hair brittle and skin dry – avoid it altogether!
      • Use the Right Shampoo: You’re probably aware that shampoos contain different chemicals, and some shampoos are less likely to strip the color from your hair. While shopping for shampoo you should choose brands that indicate they are “color-safe” and “gentle.”Pay attention to the ingredients list – do not purchase any shampoos that contain sulfates. Sulfates remove the color from your hair. Instead, only purchase shampoos that are sulfate-free.

    Follow these simple tips to make your color last longer and keep your hair looking radiant.