eco-friendly gifts

    Published: December 15, 2014

    Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

    eco-friendly giftsGifts are a favorite part of the holiday tradition and the perfect way to show loved ones just how special they are. Yet it’s important to think about the long-term, environmental effects of your holiday gift giving—consider that 65% of household waste comes from packaging, according to the EPA. The following eco-friendly gifts are the perfect way to add a green, personal touch this holiday season.


    According to estimates from the Environmental Paper Network, the United States could save enough energy to power more than 220,000 homes if it reduces its paper consumption by only 10 percent. One great way to reduce paper usage is by changing reading habits with eReaders.

    Recycled Items

    A number of items are made from recycled materials. From clothing to crafts to books to jewelry to bags to golf balls and more, you can find plenty of cool, unique recycled gift items by doing a quick online search. This can help cut down on the energy, pollution, and waste related to producing new products.

    Countertop Drinking Filter & Sports Bottles

    Give the gift that keeps on giving! An environmentally-friendly Pelican Water countertop drinking water filter is an inexpensive way to give a loved one the gift of cleaner, great-tasting water right in their home. Gift with a few sports bottles for healthier water on the go!

    Soy Candles

    Candles make a great holiday gift; however, many are made from harmful, synthetic chemicals. Look for Soy wax candles, which make a great environmentally-friendly substitute for crude oil-derived waxes.

    Fair Trade Chocolate

    The cocoa industry is plagued by controversy related to wasteful production and forced labor. They’re also known for unsustainable farming methods that lead to deforestation and waste. If you decide to buy chocolate as a gift this season, go with a fair trade product that uses eco-friendly, sustainable farming methods.