Family Giving Dad a Gift

    Published: June 15, 2015

    Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Dad

    Father’s Day is fast approaching, so how are you going to pamper dear old dad? Rather than buy him yet another “best dad” mug or novelty T-shirt, why not go all out this year? Get him a gift that’s unique and eco-friendly. He’ll love it, and so will the planet.

    Composting Barrel

    Dads who love to garden value nutrient-rich compost, but maintaining a compost bed takes time, and eats up space that could be growing plants. Turning compost with a spade or rake puts strain on Dad’s back, and heaven knows, he’s not as young as he used to be.

    A compost barrel is a large plastic drum that holds enough compost for an average-sized garden. Mounted on a spit-like stand, the drum can be easily rotated, saving both time, labor, and Dad’s aching back.

    Water-Filtering Showerheads

    Hard water is as tough on Dad’s hair and skin as it is on Mom’s. A Pelican Premium Shower Filter removes chlorine and other chemicals directly at the tap, without wasting water. Dad gets softer skin, healthier hair, and makes an eco-friendly difference with every shower.

    A Hammock

    Dad deserves a rest, preferably with a cold drink and the lazy sound of someone else mowing a lawn a block away. A hammock made of eco-friendly materials is just what he needs for those hot, lazy summer days. Oh, and he’d probably appreciate if you mowed the lawn as well.

    Countertop Seltzer Maker

    Speaking of cold drinks, is Dad a little heavy-handed with his soda consumption? If so, get him a countertop seltzer maker. The little machines quickly turn a bottle of clean filtered water into a bubbly drink that only needs a slice of lime to satisfy Dad’s soda cravings. It’s also environmentally friendly—just think of all those cans of soda that won’t need recycling or dumping.

    Filtered Water: the Gift that Keeps Flowing

    Of course, you could go all out for Father’s Day and buy Dad a reliable, environmentally-friendly home filtration system, providing him with cleaner, tastier water while protecting him from the many contaminants that can slip past public water treatment centers. A offers excellent water quality without consuming electricity. A Pelican under-counter filter also provides fresh tastier water for all his drinking and cooking needs.

    Whatever you give Dad for Father’s Day, give him a hug from us. He deserves it.

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