Published: August 11, 2020

    Tips for Getting Your Vitamin D and Staying Hydrated if You Work Remotely

    “Being a remote worker is amazing,” you tell yourself as you take another conference call in sweatpants. But when you’re comfortable at home, you may neglect essential parts of your health, from getting enough sunlight to drinking plenty of H2O. Here are our favorite creative ways to help you stay hydrated and productive while working remotely.

    How to Drink More Water

    When you’ve settled on the couch or at your standing desk for a day of remote work, hours can pass before you remember to rehydrate. Incorporate these simple changes into your daily routine to get your fill of water.

    • Switch to Sparkling Water — If you can’t seem to kick your affinity to soda, try switching to sparkling water. Make the transition easier by buying canned brands of sparkling water that resemble your soda crutch. Popular options include LaCroix, Canada Dry, and Perrier.

    • Eat Water-Rich Foods — Don’t want to sip a glass of water during your workday? Enjoy a snack full of water-rich fruits and veggies to hydrate while you eat. A few slices of watermelon or a cucumber salad can contain over 90% water. Read our breakdown of the best foods to keep you hydrated.

    • Make It a Competition — Maybe your kids and other family members are at home while you’re working. Throughout the day, you can organize a competition for each member of the family to try to drink their recommended daily amount of water. Keep track on a sheet listing every family member’s name.

      Choose a prize: maybe the person who drinks their daily amount first gets to pick what you eat for dinner! Beginning this family tradition is the perfect time to research and choose the right water treatment solution so you can provide your family with trusted, proven filtered water.

    How to Get More Vitamin D

    Vitamin D, which you absorb through sunlight and certain foods, helps strengthen your immune system, according to a 2011 study in the Journal of Investigative Medicine. However, with all of your meetings and responsibilities, you may not make time to go outside. Here are a few ways to increase your sun exposure.

    • Walk Around the Block — You can accomplish this simple sun hack by setting a reminder on your phone twice a day to step away from work and take a leisurely stroll outside. If you head out to let Fido take care of business, spend an extra five minutes in the sun by walking an additional block.

    • Head to the Park — After work, take advantage of the longer evenings and take the family to a local park. Claim a spot safely distanced from other families and do something together. Play catch, do some yoga, or relax on a blanket and listen to some music.

    • Lather Up and Tan — As temperatures rise, you can find more time to sneak out to the balcony or claim a section of lawn to sunbathe. Read a book, catch up on podcasts, or eat some of those water-rich fruits from a picnic basket. Just remember to apply sunscreen!

    Working From Home: Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

    Drinking water and getting more vitamin D will get you on the right path, but to further improve your work-from-home lifestyle, we recommend you:

    • Stock Up on Nutrients — When you go to the grocery store, buy nutrient-rich foods that last longer, like apples, grapes, carrots, and potatoes. Store frozen and canned fruits and veggies in your kitchen to nourish your body with healthy options even when you don’t have time to prepare a meal.

    • Rely on a Sleep Routine — As tempting as it is to stay up all night and binge your latest Netflix obsession, sticking to a strict nighttime routine can make it easier to get the recommended amount of sleep and make it through your workday without a struggle.

    Set yourself up for success while working from home by taking the time to go outside, stocking your pantry with nutrient-rich food, and drinking great-tasting filtered water throughout the day.