People Eating Watermelon At A Picnic

    Published: July 23, 2015

    Tips for Celebrating National Picnic Month

    July is National Picnic Month, and throughout the country, families are celebrating by spending some quality time together outdoors. While most people associate picnics with checkered blankets and wicker baskets of food, these festive gatherings also provide a great opportunity for exercise and fun. If you are planning a picnic with your loved ones, the following suggestions can help make the experience memorable, safe, and fun.

    • Organize an exciting game of soccer, Frisbee, volleyball, or capture the flag.
    • Bring portable games, such as bocce ball, ladder golf, or cornhole.
    • Go big with small-scale games: Put a chalkboard on an artists’ easel to make a giant crossword puzzle or start a tic-tac-toe tournament.
    • Make a pitcher of fresh sangria and bring some craft beers for adults to enjoy.
    • Pack some fruity ice slushies for a refreshing dessert.
    • Take your picnic somewhere out of the ordinary; explore hidden beaches, state parks, or famous landmarks.

    Things to ConsiderPeople Eating Watermelon At A Picnic

    While July brings ideal picnicking weather, it also exposes our skin to intense UV rays. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children have an increased risk of developing skin cancer later in life if they suffer sunburns at an early age. To reduce this risk, be sure to apply a reliable sunscreen to your child’s skin every two hours.

    Because July is also one of the year’s hottest months, make sure your kids stay hydrated to prevent heat exhaustion. Instead of offering sports drinks,which are packed with sugar, try Pelican’s H2Go Infuser bottle. These portable, BPA-free glass bottles allow you to infuse filtered water with slices of fresh fruit to add a healthier, sugar-free taste that your kids will love. Add kiwi, berries, orange, lemon, or mint and turn ordinary water into a delicious treat that will keep their bodies running at optimal levels and make your family picnic one to remember.

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