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    Published: July 3, 2014

    Is it Time to Use a Water Test Kit?

    Drinking water, especially water that comes from a well or spring, sometimes contains chemicals, minerals, or other types of contaminants. The quality of the tap water in your home can go from great to troublesome overnight. Sometimes the changes are noticeable, while at other times, the problems are more subtle.

    Are you concerned about potential contaminants in your water? The best way to ensure the water in your home is safe to drink is to order a water test kit.

    When You Should Test Your Water Quality

    It is generally recommended that you test the quality of your well or public water every year. However, certain situations will compel you to test your water as soon as possible. In these circumstances, you should order a water test kit right away.

    • You detect a change in the odor, taste, or color of your water. These are clear signs that iron, manganese, sulfur, or chloride may have infiltrated your water supply.
    • You’re expecting a baby. Newborns and seniors are particularly susceptible to health issues from contaminated water. When you’re expecting, complete a water test a couple of months before your due date.
    • Your household is experiencing recurrent illness. Have you had multiple bouts of stomach problems in the family? A likely cause could be bacteria contamination.
    • You have recently completed renovations to your home or plumbing. After that big construction project, it’s best to test your water quality to ensure no pipes were compromised.
    • Your well has a history of contamination. If you have detected chemical or organic contamination in your well before, you should continue to test often to ensure the problem doesn’t resurface.
    • Your septic system has recently malfunctioned. Don’t take any chances – test your water to guarantee no coliform bacteria made its way into your drinking water.
    • Your area has a history of groundwater issues. When specific contaminants are found in your city or county, be diligent in testing your water quality.

    Common Contaminants in Your Water

    Certain water tests will check for a wide variety of contaminants, while more affordable tests check for the most likely culprits. The most common contaminants in tap water are:

    • Sulfur – Well water that smells like rotten eggs is a telltale sign of sulfur contamination. While this water is generally safe to drink, you’ll undoubtedly want to filter that smell.
    • Iron and Manganese – These elements in water can stain clothes and fixtures and discolor your clothes. Manganese also can cause an unpleasant taste in drinking water.
    • Arsenic – Arsenic is a toxic chemical that can elevate your risk for several types of cancer.
    • Bacteria – Organic contaminants can cause cramping, diarrhea, and more severe health complications. Humans cannot detect most bacteria. If you suspect your water might be contaminated, a water test kit is in order.
    • Nitrates – Nitrates in well water are often caused by water runoff from manure or fertilizer. Nitrates can cause an oxygen deficiency in the blood that can be deadly for infants.
    • Tannins – Tannins cause yellowish water and stains on fixtures and clothes. Tannins make their way into tap water when groundwater seeps through large amounts of decaying vegetation.

    Purchase a Pelican Water Test Kit

    When you suspect contaminants have compromised your water, it’s imperative to conduct a water test right away. Our affordable Pelican Rapid Water Test checks for the 16 most common contaminants present in drinking water so you know what type of water treatment solution you need.

    Even if nothing seems wrong, testing your water quality once a year will help ensure your family is enjoying cleaner, safer drinking water. Learn more about water testing by reading our education page.

    Did your tests reveal that your water contains elevated contaminant levels? Call us with the results from your water test to receive a $99.99 credit toward any Pelican Premium Whole House Water System (this promotion cannot be combined with other offers). Our whole house treatment systems utilize a 4-stage filtration process to remove sediment, filter contaminants, and prevent bacterial growth.