Published: December 18, 2017

    Thoughtful DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

    The holidays are upon us, and while we all enjoy our annual family traditions and the opportunity to spend quality time with those we love, sometimes the financial strain from purchasing gifts can dampen the mood.

    If you’re looking to save some money this year, why not go with a gift from the heart? In an increasingly commercial world often a DIY holiday gift will be the most meaningful, and memorable.

    Not sure where to begin? Take a look at Pelican’s list of thoughtful DIY holiday gift ideas and consider crafting one for the people you love:

    • DIY Succulent Garden: The gift of life always adds a magical sparkle to the holiday season. Of course, you can’t give your friends and family members a puppy (at least, not every year). A DIY succulent garden requires a modest amount of filtered water and makes a lovely living decoration for the home or office.Just remember to use a layer of gravel and some cactus potting mix when potting your succulent garden. For a helpful guide visit Country Living.
    • DIY Cookbook: Are you a scrapbooking expert, or a lover of excellent cuisine? One low-cost DIY gift that’s sure to delight any recipient is a cookbook filled with your signature recipes.Consider the project a way to pass on your family history to your grandkids, or a way to simply help out a friend who’s less experienced in the kitchen. You can use a scrapbooking kit if you enjoy crafts. There are also several websites where you can design your own cookbook, like Blurb.
    • DIY Handmade Beauty Products: Yes, really! Making your own lotions or bubble bath solution isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it makes for a truly unique holiday gift. If you discover an affinity for creating lotions and other beauty products you can create a small set to give to your closest family and friends.You can concoct your own general moisturizing lotions, but you can also create remedies for sore muscles, a bar of fragrant soap, and more. For a starter’s guide visit this collection of lotion recipes.
    • DIY Custom Jewelry: Holiday gifts that you make yourself are invariably infused with your personality and sense of style. A gift of DIY custom jewelry will impart your signature style to friends and family or help illuminate the recipient’s own fashion sensibilities.Of course, you don’t need to skimp on creativity to save some serious money. A few years ago Buzzfeed published a cornucopia of DIY jewelry ideas so you can make someone’s holiday truly special without spending a fortune.
    • DIY Picture Frames: A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and all great family photos need an eye-catching frame for display. DIY picture frames are an especially great gift idea shortly after a big family event like a wedding.DIY picture frames don’t have to look conventional – consider crafting a rustic wooden frame or painting your DIY frame a vibrant hue. For ideas read about DIY pictures frames at Homedit. 

    No matter what DIY gift you choose, the most important ingredient is love. Your friends and family are sure to enjoy any gift that you create yourself. Try these DIY gift ideas and avoid the mall this holiday season.