Published: October 14, 2015

    The Water Shield Program: Simple, Affordable, Hassle-Free

    One of the great advantages to Pelican Water filtration systems is the lack of end-user maintenance. Other than replacing filters and UV lights, there’s very little to concern you. Perhaps this makes our systems a little too efficient—because they need so little attention it’s easy to forget to order new filters on time. The Pelican Water Shield Autoship Club ensures you’ll always have replacement filters when you need them while saving you money.

    The Club takes a “set it and forget it” approach to ordering replacement filters for drinking filters, shower filters, UV lamps and reverse osmosis filtration systems. When you sign up, choose the type of filters you require and the frequency with which you need them. You don’t even need to track when to replace the replacement filters or UV bulbs—you’ll know it’s time when the replacement filter shows up in the mail.

    Sign up at Purchase and Save

    Sign up for the Water Shield Autoship Club when you Pelican produces and receive an additional 10% off the price of your new system. Products eligible for the Club rebate include:

    • Drinking filters
    • Shower filters
    • UV systems
    • RO systems

    With the ten percent discount alone your replacement filters and UV lights pay for themselves, but there are other benefits.

    Once a member of the club, you’ll receive your already affordable filter replacements at 15% off the current price for even more savings from one auto shipment to the next, this pricing is locked in for 5 years. In addition, you receive free shipping on all orders of $49 or more, and are automatically entered to win exciting prizes when your replacement filters ship.

    Don’t be caught unaware when it’s time to replace your Pelican Water filters. Join the Water Shield Autoship Club today, and start reaping the savings—and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll have the replacement filters you need when you need them, so your water is always tastier, safer, and healthier than unfiltered tap water. For more information visit the WaterShield Club page.

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