Published: April 24, 2015

    The Top 5 Coolest Waterproof Products Out There

    While we at Pelican love water – especially cleaner, filtered water – we also understand a lot of the tools you need in your daily life don’t love water as much. As manufacturers experiment with new ways to keep products free from moisture, they’ve stumbled onto some fascinating concepts that are both useful and bizarre.

    Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad: Ideal for field workers, boaters and shower thinkers, these waterproof notepads allow you to preserve your ideas before they go down the drain. Take notes in a driving rainstorm and write down critical information that won’t blur or wash away. With the addition of a water proof pencil, these innovative pads also allow children to doodle while taking baths.

    Waterproof iPhone Case: Water can wreak havoc on a smartphone. Thanks to the Thumbs Up UK Aqua Phone Case, however, your device can stay dry even when it’s submerged in 2.3 feet of water. The waterproof hinged case includes a durable rubber seal and touch-sensitive skin that provides a fully-functional screen control. The case is sealed so reliably, you can even take underwater pictures and video.

    Waterproof Flashlight DVR: Great for scuba, ponds and backyard swimming pools, this compact flashlight doubles as a digital video recorder that captures underwater action. Record beautiful marine life or preserve your friends’ funniest subaquatic antics with this convenient little device that secures to your wrist.

    Waterproof Tuxedo: Comprised of wrinkle- and liquid-resistant wool coated with Teflon, the Ted Baker Party Animal Tuxedo retains its shape while resisting even the toughest stains. Spilled drinks and clumsy waiters can’t touch this playful, contemporary tux, which goes for about $650 at Ted Baker’s New York store.

    Waterproof Mouse: With an optical engine featuring precise 1200 dpi resolution, the Belkin Washable Mouse provides responsive control that rivals its priciest competitors. Unlike other devices, however, this innovative little concept is 100 percent hand-washable with soap and water. Not only does the Belkin resist spills; you can hold it directly under the faucet.

    Preventing Water Damage in the Home

    While water provides life to humans, it can easily destroy many products comprised of sensitive technological components. At the same time, it can also damage the home through leaks and flooding. Because it has high mineral content, untreated hard water can form harmful buildup within pipes that eventually leads to leaks. Fortunately, Pelican’s NaturSoft® Water Softener Alternative with Salt Free Technology can effectively neutralize the destructive effects of hard water while helping to protect your home against pesky leaks or faulty pipes.