What are the real facts on bottled water?

    Published: August 4, 2015

    The Pelican Home Filtration System vs. Bottled Water

    What are the real facts on bottled water?Bottled water manufacturers market their products as clean, convenient hydration. These claims have brought them billions in revenues, despite some unsettling realities that seem to escape public knowledge. If you regularly purchase bottled water, a Pelican home filtration system may make a lot more sense in the long run.

    The Facts About Bottled Water

    While it may seem like a convenient solution for staying hydrated, bottled water is anything but practical. Despite manufacturer claims, it’s often not all that different from the unfiltered water flowing from your kitchen tap. To get a better idea of what you’re actually paying for when you buy bottled water, consider the following:

    • While filtered tap water costs less than a penny per gallon, bottled water can cost from 240 to over 1,000 times as much.
    • Two million tons of plastic water bottles are dumped into landfills each year.
    • After testing all the most popular bottled water brands, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found chemical contaminants in virtually every brand.
    • Nestlé was recently sued for false claims that its product contained ”natural spring water” when, in fact, it came from municipal water supplies.
    • While the EPA requires municipal water supplies to divulge the sources of their water, bottled water manufacturers are under no such requirements in almost every state.

    A Better Option

    Unlike bottled water, a Pelican Whole House Water Filter System is an economical way to enjoy tastier, healthier filtered water. It low’s maintenance, simple to install, and only costs pennies per gallon. The system removes chlorine and chloramines, while a UV attachment will destroy 99.9 percent of viruses and pathogenic organisms. Either system will provide your family with peace of mind that bottled water manufacturers can’t supply.

    Consider investing in a Pelican filtration system to save a bundle, help curb plastic bottle waste, and enjoy better-tasting water today. Put the money you save in a college fund for the kids!

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