Water's role in the economy

    Published: October 6, 2015

    The Great Divide Documentary

    Clean water is a precious resource that has caused substantial conflict between communities for centuries. In his recent documentary, The Great Divide, filmmaker Jim Havey explores this conflict while offering some promising suggestions on ways the Western states can solve catastrophic shortages.

    Longstanding Conflicts

    Precious and relatively scarce, potable water is a limited resource, which few seem to appreciate until supplies run low. In his feature length documentary, Jim Havey highlights the historic influence of water in dividing and connecting an arid region. In doing so, he says he hopes to create or restore an appropriate sense of wonder over the arrangements that support and sustain human settlement in Colorado and the other Western United States.

    Produced by the Emmy award-winning team at Havey Productions, The Great Divide traces the role of water from Ancestral Puebloan cultures and the gold rush origins of Colorado water law to modern dams, agriculture, conservation, and diversions.

    A Critical Topic

    Billions of dollars of agricultural production and tens of millions of residents are dependent on the rivers that flow from the Colorado mountains. In this difficult time of limited supply and heightened demand, it’s important for citizens to understand and contribute new solutions that will preserve this critical resource.

    By helping to raise public understanding and appreciation of water’s critical role in the economy, The Great Divide provides an entertaining and informative guide to help inspire informed discussion and remind everyone of their personal responsibility to help manage this most precious resource for a sustainable and prosperous future.

    If you’d like to learn more about this groundbreaking film, visit thegreatdividefilm.com. You can also find more ways to reduce your water consumption by reading these 100 water conservation tips.