Published: August 1, 2009

    The Go Green Home LA – ‘Green’ Water Solution

    A living model of sustainability, The Go Green Home will show you how to optimize indoor air quality, minimize water us, improve energy efficiency, and lessen your dependence on the grid! This home is living proof you don’t have to compromise comfort, convenience or cost in order to achieve a green home.

    The Go Green Home is a 4,300 square foot living laboratory of green design, materials and innovation. We’re “deconstructing” an existing single-family home — taking it apart board by board, nail by nail. Usable building products are donated and recycled, diverting material from landfills. We’re studying the sun, the wind and the neighborhood, and we’re incorporating everything into the design and build of our new home. Plus we’re greening it all — from solar roof panels to recycled content countertops in the cutting edge cook’s kitchen.

    For more information on The Go Green Home project, please visit GoGreenHomeLA.com.

    “The Go Green Home features a Pelican Premium Whole House Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative with Salt Free Technology. This is the most environmentally friendly system on the market requiring no salt, no electricity and zero wasted water. The Pelican System will give you better than bottled water quality throughout every tap in your home.”

    – Fernando Feldman

    Owner / Builder