The Best Water Filtration System for Your Apartment

    Published: August 15, 2016

    So What’s the Best Water Filtration System for Apartment Living?

    If you’re concerned with water quality, apartment living offers a unique set of challenges. Most landlords are leery of tenants making major changes to their property. You’re unlikely to get the go-ahead to install a whole house water filtration and water softening system, but you do have options if cleaner, safer water is a priority.

    Pitcher Filters

    You’ll have seen this type of filtration system before—bulky pitchers which sit in your fridge. They’re readily available, inexpensive, and pretty much worthless. Filling them takes time, they hog important refrigerator space, their filters need replacing frequently, and they can actually make water less safe. As the filter sits in the drinking water, it provides a haven for microorganisms. Often you’re better off just drinking tap water.

    Countertop Drinking Filters

    Countertop systems offer a more effective water filtration solution for apartment owners. Small and stylish, the Pelican Countertop Filter System connects to the side of your faucet for easy access. Despite its compact size, the filter reduces over sixty contaminants from drinking water, including chlorine, chloramine, lead, cysts, VOCs and THMs. Note the system reduces lead—a possible concern in rental buildings with older plumbing.

    NSF-certified, the system’s filters can handle 450 gallons, or approximately six months’ worth of use. Only $84.00 after factory direct savings, the little system comes with another huge bonus for apartment dwellers—it’s easy to reduce and relocate.

    Undercounter Drinking Filters

    Pelican’s countertop system can also be installed underneath the counter, providing your sink comes with a pre-drilled 1-inch diameter hole. If not, you’d need to secure landlord approval before installation (successful results will vary, depending on your landlord-tenant relationship).

    If your sink does come with a pre-drilled hole, you might want to consider one ofPelican’s advanced undercounter filtration systems. Like the countertop model, all are NSF-certified. The 2-Stage Undercounter Drinking Filter address the same contaminants as the countertop model while also removing mercury. The system can process 450 gallons between filter changes, and costs only $147.20 after factory direct rebates. It’s a system well suited for apartment dwellers who plan on remaining in one place for some time, although it can be disassembled when the time comes to move.

    3-Stage Drinking Water Purification System: the Best of Undercounter Filters

    While the countertop and 2-stage filtration systems provide safer drinking water, they lack protection against bacteria. Easy to install and capable of filtering a 1,000 gallons between filter changes, the 3-stage drinking Water Purification System offers some impressive filtration capabilities, removing:

    • Over 99% of Bacteria
    • Over 99% of Viruses & Cysts
    • 99% of Chlorine
    • 99% of Lead Reduction
    • 99% of Class 1 Particulates.

    Pelican Pro 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis

    If you’re concerned with fluoride in your drinking water, the Pelican Pro6-stage Reverse Osmosis System will fulfill your apartment water needs nicely. In addition to removing over 96.3 percent of fluoride, the undercounter RO system also filters out arsenic V, cysts, lead, and total dissolved solids for safer, crisper drinking water.