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Every year on March 22nd we celebrate World Water Day in order to focus attention on the importance of water for our health, livelihood, and the wellbeing of the planet. Since 1993 the United Nations has selected a theme for World Water Day, and this year the theme is “Nature for Water,” encouraging all citizens […]

World Water Day is March 22nd

As you can imagine, we take water conservation very seriously at Pelican Water. Water is our planet’s most precious resource; polluting water reservoirs or mismanaging water supplies can reap terrible consequences for the environment and for the health of your family. In the United States the water infrastructure is long overdue for a facelift, and […]

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Pelican Water remains committed to the idea that cleaner, safer water should be made available to everyone. You can’t maintain a vision like that without supporting equality and the public good—one reason we were happy to donate a whole house water filter system to the Michigan-based Our Home Transitional non-profit organization. The filtration system provides […]

take back the tap

The United Nation’s World Water Day event does more than educate people on the importance of freshwater, although this alone in an important goal. The United Nations also encourages international action to bring about more sustainable, environmentally-conscious water use. The University of Miami’s Take Back the Tap is one such initiative. Take Back the Tap […]

world water day

Every year, the UN chooses a theme for World Water Day, which is celebrated internationally every March 22nd. This year, the 22nd World Water Day since the program began in 1993, the theme is Water and Sustainable Development. The goal is to prepare for how we, as an international community, will manage water in the […]