whole house water filtration

Be Your Own Handyman or Handywoman: Pelican Whole House Installation Kit

A Pelican Whole House Water Filtration System provides a wealth of benefits that leave our customers smiling. Among the most popular, however, is the simple installation process that puts cleaner, safer drinking water within easy reach. Intuitive, Fast Setup Installing long-lasting, effective home improvement equipment can be intimidating; however, Pelican instruction manuals make it easier […]

Showering in Chlorinated Water

The Physical Effects of Showering in Unfiltered Water

Many Americans drink filtered water, which is an excellent idea. Filtered water is purer, cleaner and tastier than unfiltered water. It contains virtually no impurities, chemicals, or contaminants. But what about bath and shower water? Many American families bathe in unfiltered, chemical-laden water. They are unaware that multiple studies have found that disinfecting chemicals – […]