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laboratory test tubes and dropper

Do you know what’s in your water? Municipal water users in cities and towns generally have access to their area’s annual water report, which breaks down the levels of contaminants and minerals present in the local water supply. If an issue is found, generally the public is alerted immediately and steps are taken to resolve […]

  A poorly maintained private water well leaves you vulnerable to more than just poor water quality. Without regular oversight, well water can be contaminated with a wide range of substances, including heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and animal waste. Private wells are not subject to EPA regulations that protect—or attempt to protect—public water systems. Your […]

water test kit

Drinking water, especially water that comes from a well or spring, may sometimes contain a contaminant that can cause problems, some of which may be minor, and others more serious. Does your water have a particular smell, taste or color? Then it may be time to order a water test kit. Your water may contain […]