Water Treatment

Water Treatment for Energy 2010 Experience Center

As we near completion, the “Experience Center” is being provisioned with the most advanced “Green” culinary water filtration and salt-free softening/conditioning system available. The Pelican Combo Series, Model PSE2000 Premium Whole House Water Filter and Salt Free Water Softener/Conditioner. The dual tank system which includes a Custom Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Filter and a […]

Nigeria Water Treatment Skid

The Chemex skid was designed based on a water sample provided by NDPR from the Ogbelle Flow Station site. The sample was analyzed and found to have a low pH (3.8), small amounts of metals (aluminum, barium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silica, sodium and zinc) and small amounts of other items (total dissolved solids, […]