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Residents of Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale in Florida may want to avoid drinking their water after Boyd Corbin, a Wilton Manors mayoral candidate, raised concerns about hazardous contaminants found in his drinking water. The issue began when Corbin purchased a hot tub and filled it up with water from his hose. According to WLRN […]

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Drinking water, especially water that comes from a well or spring, may sometimes contain a contaminant that can cause problems, some of which may be minor, and others more serious. Does your water have a particular smell, taste or color? Then it may be time to order a water test kit. Your water may contain […]

Time to TEST YOUR WELL & change the batteries in your smoke detectors! According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), over 15 million households in the United States get their water from a private wells.  The clear financial benefit of getting your water from a private well is the lack of paying a monthly […]

A property disclosure with a Lead Warning Statement is standard as part of the contract in the lease or purchase of homes built before 1978. Once liberally used in construction and in paint, the effects of lead poisoning are well documented. That’s because lead (at certain exposure levels), can damage the nervous system and cause […]