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    clean beach during sunset

    Southern California’s Cleanest Beaches

    Scientists at Heal the Bay have released their annual Beach Report Card, which assigns grades ranging from an A to an F to all of California’s beaches based on weekly bacterial pollution levels just off the coast. Taking a dip in the ocean on an “F” beach can quickly lead to skin rashes, stomach flu, […]

    corroded lead pipes

    Experts Reveal That Flint Has More Than 8,000 Lead Pipes

    As the details of the water crisis in Flint, MI, continue to surface, a grim picture is painted of a negligent and irresponsible government finally facing the music of its poor management and planning. The problem is not easily remedied, and citizens are helpless as the water in the region is still by and large […]

    new gardens in Detroit

    New Gardens in Detroit May Help Improve Water Quality

    Bio-retention gardens filtering storm water In empty lots across Detroit’s Warrendale neighborhood, small patches of flowers and shrubs are thriving. Known as bio-retention gardens, they are part of a University of Michigan project to help filter contaminants out of storm water. Project head Joan Nassauer says the gardens, which contain an absorbent type of soil, […]

    Flint, Michigan, Water Quality Prompts State of Emergency

    On December 15th, Mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency for the city of Flint, Michigan, due to high levels of lead in city drinking water. In the mayor’s own words, “The city of Flint has experienced a manmade disaster,” a catastrophe with long-term consequences for the city’s children. To understand the Flint disaster, […]

    Water Quality

    How the Drought Can Affect Your Water Quality

    The California Drought that has ravaged the most populous state in America over the last 6 years continues to worsen in length and severity. Though many citizens are aware in a general sense of the negative effects of an extensive drought, less are well-versed in the tangible problems caused by a prolonged drought. For instance, […]