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    Why You Should Consider a UV System

    In order to protect the public from common bacteria, viruses, and contaminants, most water utilities treat their water with either chlorine or chloramines and a few other basic water filtration techniques. However, some organisms and microbial contaminants can resist these treatment methods and endanger anyone who drinks infected water supplies. That’s where UV filtration makes […]

    Hard Water Leads to Cancelled Surgeries at Local Hospital

    Staining was identified on surgical instruments used at Memorial Healthcare Hospital in Owosso, Michigan, during an otherwise routine inspection process. Officials at the hospital canceled several scheduled and elected surgeries as a precautionary measure after they discovered visible stains on surgical instruments that were believed to be sterile. According to Brian Long, President and CEO […]

    10 Best Cities for Drinking Water in North America

    When you read the news about the latest lead contamination or bacterial infection in a local water supply you may start to believe that every municipal water supply is questionable. Here’s some good news for a change: some cities in North America have remarkably clean tap water! Throughout America and Canada some cities go beyond […]

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    States with Hard Water: How Many States Are Affected?

    The second week of Water Quality month sees us shifting away from Water Scarcity. In order to keep our readers aware of the hidden dangers and possible contaminants in their drinking water, it’s time to discuss a complex topic that countless products claim to correct or alleviate. This week’s topic is “Hard Water.” What exactly […]