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Miami Water Pollution

According to a recent in-depth news report, the city of Miami will face serious water problems in the not-too-distant future caused by an interplay of factors. First, the highly managed and fragile system residents rely on for clean water would likely be upset by a rise in sea level. The low-lying neighborhoods in Miami and […]

You’ve likely seen some horrific images, whether in commercials, documentaries, or on social media, of a helpless bird or sea creature tangled in a web of plastic. Plastic and chemical pollution are among the leading causes of our oceans’ frightening drop in biodiversity, and the problem is only poised to become worse. According to a […]

worst beaches in america

As the weather warms up and summer begins in full swing, millions of Americans will hit the beaches to grab a tan and ride the waves. The summer trip to the beach is a celebrated American pastime, but not doing your research before you go can prove disastrous. The oceans are more polluted than ever […]