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Every day, over 850 Water main breaks occur in the United States. Depending on its severity, a water main break can leave you without water for hours, or under a boil water advisory until the break is repaired and the pipes flushed. Why does the US suffer so many water main breaks? The answer is […]

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Beneath the average American town lies a dizzying array of interconnected waterways. Sewage systems gather wastewater, channel it to water treatment facilities, and release treated water. Freshwater enters water-treatment facilities from lakes, rivers and reservoirs, passing through a labyrinth of inter-connected pipes on its journey to homes and faucets. A third system of runoff pipes […]

Water Infrastructure | Pelican Water

Infrastructure is a hot topic in the US right now—or at least, it should be. The nation’s highways, public water systems, bridges, and other vital public works are deteriorating rapidly, and we’re not doing a sufficient job responding to what many see as a looming crisis. Perhaps it’s because, as comedian John Oliver put it, […]